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  1. A US-American friend of mine wants to remain in Berlin beyond the length of her EU travel visa, which expires mid-May. According to what I could find out on, "force majeur" (ie "acts of god") are a valid reason for extending a tourist visa; included in that should be 1) flight cancellations due to COVID-19; 2) not wanting to board an airplane during the coronavirus crisis; 3) not wanting to enter a heavily infected New York City (which may already bar her entry by that point anyway). Also according to this page on,  people who are "required to leave" should not apply for a tourist visa extension until two weeks or less of the visa expiration.   Has anyone tried to extend a travel visa since the crisis started? For that matter, has anyone tried to get a residential registration (Wohnanmeldung) since the crisis started? The latter is also theoretically a requirement.