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  1. I am hoping someone on this forum may have some insight or experience to help my situation.   I am in Berlin on a freelance visa, I have been for several years and renewed it recently without any problems and have another almost 3 years on it.   As much as I love Berlin and my life here however I have had family matter come in my home country (Australia) that requires me to spend more time there to care for an elderly relative. I dont know if this will end up being a few months or a year as there is uncertainty inherently in the health matter. I do know that I want to return to Berlin after this situation resolves.   My question is a I dont know what I need to do legally - do I dereigister when I leave Germany for Australia? Does that mean my visa then is invalid and when I return that I have to reapply as if for the first time? And health insurance, I currently have a good private health insurance that cover the needs for my freelance visa, do I let that go or keep it going?  And of course taxes ... do I then pay tax for the time I am still here in 2020 and then register in Australia?   As my work is not tied to a place and is possible from anywhere there is internet I will be continuing to do my work, although a reduced amount as my time will be much more occupied with the caring role.   Is there somewhere I can find out this sort of information?   Any constructive tips/information is very welcomed and appreciated.