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  1. Hello,   I will be working for a defense contractor in Germany next month under SOFA/TESA. The contract is for 2 years. My wife is a legal permanent resident (Green card) in USA and she will be living with me in Germany as a SOFA dependent. If she wants to apply for expedited naturalization under INA Section 319(b), 1. Is defense contractor considered a qualifying employment abroad under this clause: ? 2. Can she apply right away showing my contract for 2 years as proof or she has to wait for one year before applying?     If anyone went through this process and can give me guidance, that will be helpful.   Regards
  2. Question for Contractors Overseas:  I'm ETSing on 9 Oct in Germany and have a contractor job lined up to start once TESA is cleared.  At what point do/can you get the letter of Logistical Support? Is it provided after the DOCPER approves it? If I can get it a few weeks before my effective terminal leave start date October 1 (even it it states its not effective until then) I can out-process /in-process and keep my logistical support going.     The sticking point is vehicle registration...gotta out-process them in order to ETS, can't stop driving the vehicles (US Spec), planning on driving with temporary transport plate to Italy and re-register there.  So, is it "normal" or unheard of to get the Letter of Logistical Support before you actually start work?  Any info/advice is greatly appreciated! — looking for recommendations.