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  1. Hi all,   Quick question: what documents should you expect from your employer when you quit? For example, in Canada you get an ROE (Record of Employment).   Thanks so much!
  2. I've been employed full time in Germany for over 2 years.  I am 18 months into a 2 year limited full time contract with an incompetent employer. Over a year ago they fired my only colleague (IT Dept for 50 employees in two locations) and have not had a single interview to replace him, leaving me the pressure to manage the entire IT needs for the organisation. Last month I asked for the last time, via email so I could have an answer in writing, if they were still hiring for a replacement. I was ignored and not even given an answer. I have been progressively getting stressed and they have progressively become even more chaotic. This Monday was the last straw: - All the senior management taking a week's vacation at the same time, without telling me (they do this a lot and I don't know why) - Hiring a freelancer without telling me, so I had to provide a non-existent computer and unauthorised logins for him - Moving a colleague to a new team, requiring a specific computer type that we dont have available - And a bunch of other things   I nearly fainted at the end of the day because I felt so unsupported, exhausted and stressed. The next day (Tuesday/yesterday), I asked the HR Partner to call me. She called me and said she was technically not working because she has taken early maternity leave, and the company have not hired a replacement. However, when I explained the situation and that I was finally too stressed to go in to work, she said she would contact senior management and call me back in the afternoon.   She did not call back, so I went to the doctor before they closed for the day and was lucky to be consulted. My doctor is highly supportive and when I was ill for a week recently with flu, he gave me a check-up, discussed my job with me, and asked me if I was stressed, to which I said yes, but that I would keep going with the job for the time being in the hope it would improve. Obviously things have escalated, so he signed me off work for stress for 3 weeks and told to: - Email and post my sick note to my employer and to not engage/communicate further - literally, do nothing but recuperate - To contact him at the end of the 3 weeks for a probable extension of a further 3 weeks to rest   I wasn't sure if I would follow through, thinking I might try to negotiate home working for a week or so to recover, but when I checked my work email that night around 8pm, I had received an email from the HR Partner, with senior management CC'd in, saying that this is not acceptable and I should return to work, in a tone that is an attack on my professionalism and offers absolutely no support or acknowledgement that I am stressed due to the position they keep me in. Is this even legal, that I call HR to open a dialogue about my stress and then receive a command to continue at work? She even agreed during the call that it was not good I was uninformed about the new Freelancer starting.   My major concern: The only place I can imagine resting and improving my health is to return to my mother in the UK (I broke up with my gf recently and had to take a room in a WG with no contract (yet) at short notice. I have made my application to be put on the contract, but apparently Stadthaus landlord can take weeks to action it). If I am fired during this time, whilst on sick but out of the country, I will be unable to visit the Arbeitsagentur. Will I lose my claim to Arbeitslosgeld? I had hoped to take some weeks to recuperate, and then discuss with my employer moving forward - either to resign, be fired, mutually end the contract, handover to a replacement, etc - but their response is such that I feel insulted, unsupported and even that I do not trust them at all. They are so stupid! I am the only person with access to all their computer systems and data and they are all on holiday - if I was a malicious person... but I am not, so I have removed myself from all systems such that I cannot access, and have explained this in an email last night, explaining they should also change all their passwords. This is not a resignation, but an act of defense due to distrust, and also because they may try to bully me into working whilst off sick, which they have done on previous sick days and even holidays.  
  3. Hello,   I have a Valid Work permit till 2023 ( 18 abs. 4 s.1) Non EU, It does not say my employer name, only my profession is written. Been working for 26 months in Berlin, and have graduated from a German university and obtained my MA from there.  My situation is, my new employer decided to not continue with me in my Job and terminated the contract exactly before end of probation. So what happens to my visa now? is there a grace period to find a new job?   Things I have already done: registered as a job seeker and applied for ALG1 since I worked for more than 2 years, yet waiting for this application to be processed as I still need one paper from my ex-Employer "Arbeitsbescheinigung".    Something to mention, my permit also says " after 2 years of paying versichrungspfl. beschaftig. ist beschaftig. jeder art gestattet, which I believe it means now I can work in any field, not only my profession that was written on my visa.    Help is really appreciated, I'm in a shock from what happened to me and in need of advice.
  4. Hi all, I am a non-EU citizen and I was in Blue card tied up with my employer and the employer terminated my contract on April 30th, and that was during my probation. And the HR asked me to register in Agentur für Arbeit within days which I did but did not ask me to go to "Ausländerbehörde München". Also the staff in Agentur für Arbeit told me that I could stay as long as I want in the country to search a new job but later I realised that this was a wrong information. Also I did not go to "Ausländerbehörde München" yet as I was busy with interviews and finally got a new job offer on May 24th.   Now I have to go to "Ausländerbehörde München" with my new job contract to amend my blue card.    Will there be a problem as I did not inform them for 20+ days? As I had back to back interviews, calls and in-person interviews, and I thought getting a job was the priority.   Also what are the documents that I need to submit along with the job contract for my case?   Please help me out. Thank you.    
  5. Was just fired for a strange reason and have a question regarding my continued working. A few months ago my boss called me and asked if they could report only part of income. Basically pay some under the table. I told him no because of my working permit and the need to show a decent income. Also I pay my taxes and couldn’t account for 3,400 euro extra. So that month they didn’t report all my income. I sent an email asking for them not to do this in the future. So today he says I’m firing you because you put me in legal danger with the email. Accusing them of paying black money. I said you did. He said we didn’t. I said you did and detailed the amount. He says he has to look at my billing report. I said but you asked me and I said no. He says he doesn't recall the conversation details. He say I asked you orally.  He says I should have talked to him and not sent an email. Now my six month test period was up on today and I actually planned to quit. So getting fired isn't so bad. Problem don't want to continue anywork there, but they are saying I have to work until the 13th (two more weeks). I asked about my vacation days (I should get 12 after 6 months). Was told he had to check payroll, which I think he is stalling since the job needs me to work for a bit more. The vacation days should be on my earning report but its not. My question is can I file a complaint with Arbeits Agentur if the try to make me work? The job has several employee working black and just found out several former employees waited weeks to get their last pay check. I don't want any unnecessary stress, but I get the feeling that my boss does this kind of thing  alot and I want t make sure that I get my last pay and not get bullied into working the next two weeks. Thanks before hand to all who repond.  
  6. Hello,   This topic has already been covered here but I couldn't find all useful information I needed for my situation. I hope you can help.   I am working for a company since March, 9th 2015. This company has ~10 employees in Europe, 3 in Germany. The purpose of my contract was to start a kind of in-house startup, which, if successful would be transformed into a real startup. Yesterday, the CEO told me that we are burning too much cash so he wants to put an end to this project. So today he handed me a "Termination Agreement", in which it is written "The parties agree that the contract of employment (the "Contract") dated 9 March 2015 is terminated with effect of 31 March 2016".   From what I've read, it is not clear if I have to sign it or not: - If I sign it, can I still benefit from unemployment insurance? - As I worked one year, I can get a compensation around 0.5 x average monthly income x 1 year, should this be written in the termination agreement? - Should the employer justify in the termination agreement why he wants to terminate the contract?   If I should seek for a lawyer please let me know   Thanks for any advice. Matt