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  1. So I'm a recent grad (M.Sc), continuing full time at an office in Germany where I worked part time during my studies. Due to a stagnant environment and low salary I'm looking elsewhere. I've only worked full time for three weeks, but have been at this office for two and a half years (where I contributed quite a bit, but was paid your minimal student wage).   The contract states a termination notice period of two weeks, so at least legally I think I'll be in the right if I give notice within the month, but what are some thoughts about social blowback, i.e. burning bridges? This is an American firm, so I might like to work at a location stateside if/when I move back home to the US, and they'll most likely inquire about me with their German counterparts.   To note, again, although I only started full time less than a month ago, I had previously worked part time for 2 1/2 years (and was paid minimum), and they had recommended that I continue on. I am also looking for jobs in other cities, even in another state in Germany, so that if asked I could give the excuse of moving/following girlfriend/etc. Also important: As a foreigner, my working here is possible via my work visa, made possible by the work contract offered by this very company. Thoughts as to legal and social repercussions in this regard? (possibly looked at as my taking job for visa, then leaving)
  2. Hello all,   I would like to get some good advices for the point of termination. In an unlimited work contract when we are fired iafter 6 -7 Months, sometimes people in the next interviews ask directly which side terminated the contract. Against this question what should be told? In any case should we tell the truth?   Thanks   case for Germany