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  1. Other tenant terrorising my tenant

    I own 3 apartments in one building in Nürnberg, and rent two of them out furnished. The corridors are like a hotel corridor with about 20 apartments on either side. I'm on very good terms with the housemiester.   Opposite one of my apartments lives a crazy woman with a Greek name. She cooks with fish a lot, and then leaves her stinking rubbish outside the door. She doesn't abandon it, she just leaves it there until she's going downstairs, but of course it stinks up the whole corridor.    Naturally my tenant complains. Once I confronted her myself and told her she should not leave her garbage in the corridor. I can't remember her exact response but it was a combination of aggressive and nonsensical.   Two years ago a tenant came home to find underwear hanging on his door. If it was hers and probably was that would be revolting. She is not a slim, well kept old lady.   Now my current tenant came back 2 weeks holiday to find the lock super glued, and something smeared on the door. I didn't understand exactly what but I think some kind of paint.   I contacted the house administration and asked for the contact details of her landlord, which they said the cannot give me because of data security. So I replied the tenant was always terrorising my tenants, and had now gone over the top. Where do we go from here? They replied they would ask the owner for permission to give me his details.   Now I can't prove it although it is obvious it was she who glued the locks, and deposited the underwear. Mounting a camera watching my apartment's door would be a lot of effort and probably useless for evidence?   Presumably I can formally complain about the garbage in the corridor. How and to whom?    Superglueing the locks is criminal damage. Does it make sense to complain to the police. Would they be obliged to investigate and interview her?   Well I'm looking for ideas going forward. I think the root problem is the smelly garbage. Tenants complain directly to her, and become her enemy.