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  1. Hi, I moved out of Germany and cancelled my Telekom contract.    The wireless router was being rented from them (Mietgerat).    I returned the router on 16.07 and have a receipt from them that proves this.   It says I returned a "Speedport W 722V Typ B".    They have continued to charge me rent for a "Speedport Smart 2".      I don't ever recall having received a second router from them, and bills from earlier this year show me paying only for the "Speedport Smart 2".     It seems to me that they made some kind of clerical mistake and are charging me for equipment that was returned.   I canceled the automatic debit from my bank.   Now they are trying to charge me for the failed debit attempt.   Even if they are correct, and I did have two Speedport devices, I want to settle this with one final bill and not pay monthly.   How should I proceed?   Should I ask for proof of when they sent all Speedport devices?