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  1. o2 Kombi-Vorteil, any good ?

    Dear all,   o2 customer service i was in contact with barely knew any english and literally had to bring a new girl on her first day who spoke some english to explain to me how o2 Kombi Vorteil works. nevertheless i still have no clue what im getting myself into. I have a mobile Tarif contract for 2 years and a Flex DSL contract which can be cancelled every month. I pay 20€ monthly for the mobile and 35€ for the dsl, as a student, i feel like im paying too much They advertised that this Kombo will save me 25 Euros and for that i have to pay a one time fee of 49,99€ , i get a new simcard too. I still have 14 days to renounce it. So my question is: does anyone of you have this Tarif? and could you please explain it to me?   Cheers