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  1. Dear Altruists, I had my Telc B1 exam today and I am just extremely frustrated. I did 8 model tests before and got pretty good point in listening, reading and writing. But today I found the listening is extremely difficult. I asked other examinee and they have almost the same experience in this part. This part to me seems like just from another world. I guess I did good in writing and reading. Did you have the similar experience in this section?   I want to ask your opinion about speaking part which was a pretty bad experience for me too. There were 3 parts. The first introductory part was very good for me. In the next part I have to speak about something which I really did not understand at all. I did not know the meaning of 'Verwandtschaft'. Therefore spoke gibberish. The examiner understood and asked me a question on it. Then I remember it immediately and gave her the correct answer. I made her convinced that I understood what she asked. With such bad experience in one part out of 3 in Speaking, will I fail? How lenient  are the examiners in TELC? Please advise if you have some idea. I am asking the questions because I don't know if I have to register for the exam again! Also I want to ask that if I write a letter correctly in 100-110 words does it seem so short for TELC B1. Thank you everyone in advance for your kind opinions.