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  1. Since so many of us are in the English business, I thought it woudl be nice to have a place to share tips, tricks, links and stories related to teaching, translating, coaching, etc.   This is not the place to ask. "How do I get a job teaching English in Germany?".   I learned a new false friend: pathetisch   The CEO I was coaching wanted to end his start-up presentation with "Dare to be Pathetic!"        
  2. Hey all,   I just started working freelance as a sub teacher because I'm between jobs. I'm about to submit my first monthly invoice and I have some questions primarily around tax and Leistungen. I understand that I must pay the tax myself, so I'm using this website ( to calculate my monthly tax amount and ill hold it somewhere myself. But also on this site, it provides the amounts I should pay into each of the Leitsungen. How do I do this? can I do that yearly like the tax or should I transfer money every month to somewhere?    Any help is a huge help, please and thank you
  3. Hi All,    We have a discussion in the family whether or not my wife should pursue a local teaching position: background: - she finished an non-EU university with teaching spanish/english diploma - alternatively she is interested into working as "director of study" / methodological consultant/ whatever her stuff is there  (don't ask me, it's like Chinese for me). Are there such positions?  -   says that her Uni/qualification is recognized/ can be equated (has an H+ and  then for column "Senior year" it's an A5 mentioned there (can anyone explain what stands for?) - she is has  residency - so no visa hassle    My questions would be  - how likely is to find a job in Munchen in this area? (obviously they will see her as a non-native, would this be an impediment?)  - is possible to have TKT as an equivalent of a TESL ? - what German level is required  - what should be the salary expectations ?  - any other hints/observations are welcome    Thanks 
  4. Phorms Education Job

    Hi, I received an offer job for teaching at Phorms Education. I read old post and the feedback are not so positive. So, What about  the situation at Phorms Education on 2019 (last post was on 2013)? What about the salary, benefits, environment, treatment? Thanks in advance for any information given.