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  1. Since so many of us are in the English business, I thought it woudl be nice to have a place to share tips, tricks, links and stories related to teaching, translating, coaching, etc.   This is not the place to ask. "How do I get a job teaching English in Germany?".   I learned a new false friend: pathetisch   The CEO I was coaching wanted to end his start-up presentation with "Dare to be Pathetic!"        
  2. VAT on Online Teaching

    Hi guys - looking for help on an issue that no one has been able to answer satisfactorily for me so far. I have spoken to a few accountants and they all give contradictory advice. I am VAT-registered.    I teach online as a self-employed language teacher. 95% of my work comes through a Chinese platform called iTalki. Students around the world book my lessons through that platform. The student pays iTalki. iTalki then pays me twice a month. There is no invoice, they just send the money to my bank account when I choose to withdraw my earnings.   My question is: if I receive (example) €100 from iTalki for lessons in a month, should I be giving €15,97 (the 19%) to the German FZMT?    As far as I can see, the customer is iTalki and as they are based outside the EU, it is zero-rated for VAT, and I keep all €100.    Any help with this would be GREATLY appreciated!