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  1. Phorms Education Job

    Hi, I received an offer job for teaching at Phorms Education. I read old post and the feedback are not so positive. So, What about  the situation at Phorms Education on 2019 (last post was on 2013)? What about the salary, benefits, environment, treatment? Thanks in advance for any information given. 
  2. TIMKORVER | Individual English Training is a Business English language institute, dedicated to providing effective in-company training in Business English language & communication skills, in and around Munich. Our clients are working professionals who want to improve their English fluency and communication skills within their work context. We are looking for experienced Business English trainers with a professional qualification and a teaching certificate [CELTA or equivalent] to join our team. We provide our trainers with regular and reliable on-going courses, up-to-date teaching materials and methods, individual trainer support and exchange within a dedicated small team. Depending on experience and professional background, we offer starting rates from € 25 per 45 min. unit, with increasing rates following probation. Please send your application to: or contact us for further information by tel: +49 89 517 287 44
  3. VAT on Online Teaching

    Hi guys - looking for help on an issue that no one has been able to answer satisfactorily for me so far. I have spoken to a few accountants and they all give contradictory advice. I am VAT-registered.    I teach online as a self-employed language teacher. 95% of my work comes through a Chinese platform called iTalki. Students around the world book my lessons through that platform. The student pays iTalki. iTalki then pays me twice a month. There is no invoice, they just send the money to my bank account when I choose to withdraw my earnings.   My question is: if I receive (example) €100 from iTalki for lessons in a month, should I be giving €15,97 (the 19%) to the German FZMT?    As far as I can see, the customer is iTalki and as they are based outside the EU, it is zero-rated for VAT, and I keep all €100.    Any help with this would be GREATLY appreciated!
  4. Since so many of us are in the English business, I thought it woudl be nice to have a place to share tips, tricks, links and stories related to teaching, translating, coaching, etc.   This is not the place to ask. "How do I get a job teaching English in Germany?".   I learned a new false friend: pathetisch   The CEO I was coaching wanted to end his start-up presentation with "Dare to be Pathetic!"