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  1. Dear Community Members,    I hope you all are well. I did read one old thread regarding tax returns and I am not sure if it answers all my questions specifically so pardon me for initiating another topic.    I basically come from Pakistan I am a working professional and living near to Stuttgart, I came to Germany in Nov-2021 and now I want to file my tax details in hope to get something in return, but for an expat it is little difficult to start with.   I am married with no kids my wife is in Pakistan but I am taking care of her expenses. (what tax class I should fall in is not clear) I am also supporting my parents both are not working my father has retired. (but to support house hold I send money to my brother's account on monthly basis, who then hands over the cash to them , I am not sure if i was suppose to send money directly to my parents but they are heart patients and we just try to support them in every possible manner) From May-22 to mid Oct-22 I did not have the job so the last year was very hard on me and my family financially, I am still paying back the loan which I took during these months in order to give rent and have a minimal living cost. Can that detail be any helpful in order to request for the relaxation in tax if possible?   Lastly I am trying to find someone who could take this all up, I have all the documents and receipts, So can you suggest me a good tax agent who can help me in filling for tax returns?    Thanks and regards, Fahad Farooq