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  1. Hi everyone,   Many online resources claim that if you're employed and your sole income is from your salary, then you don't have to file a tax return. On the other hand, I've heard that in this case the deadline is four years instead of one. I was wondering if this means that you CAN file  your tax returns for the previous four years or that you HAVE to.    I tried to google for the actual law, but couldn't find it. Does anyone know what the rule is? If you know where to find the applicable law,  it would be greatly appreciated.   Thanks a lot in advance!
  2. Hi Everyone,   I was wondering if you could help out with my current situation:   My girlfriend will file a text return this year as well. We are not married but we live together and share all the expanses 50/50. We have a bank account (under my name) where both of us add some money at the end of the month that we use for paying costs like Kita, house moving/renovation, cleaning etc.   When it comes down to file a tax return can we actually split those costs in our respective tax declarations? For all the items that can be expansed shall I put 50% of the total amount and she will do the same in her tax declaration?   I'm asking this because, if I have to provide proof, the payment has been done under my name (as I said we use one of my spare accounts for "family money").   Any advice on how to manage expanses for not married people when it comes down to tax declaration (if the above is not possible)?   Thanks a lot for any help you can provide!   All the best, Nicola
  3. Dear Members, I have already asked a Tax Adviser about that, but have not gotten yet a definite answer, hence will be happy to have your input please. People living in DE and working in CH, not the so called "GrenzArbeit" who live in Lorach for example, but rather People doing HomeOffice from Munich, Koln or whatever in DE, need to pay the Taxes to the Germans unless they actually spend about 180 or similar figure, actually working physically from CH. That is all understandable and fair. Since Corona, there has been established a Swiss-German Temp. Agreement (which has just been extended to June 2022) which states basically, if I got it right with my German, but that is also what some of my Friends who benefit from that say, that these "180" Rule does not apply anymore during Corona, as Employees may wish to drive/fly and work in CH but unable due to obvious reasons. So according to people I know in Lorach for example, they pay now all Taxes to the Swiss even though they have not seen their Basel Office for 1 Year... Now I am trying to understand, If I live now in Koln for example, but I work for a Zurich based Company - can I also benefit from this temp. agreement? So already 1 tax adviser in CH told me sure i can. One in DE told sure you can not. I am confused... Any ideas? Sure I am looking for a tax adviser whom I will pay and will give me an educated answer with the relevant reference to the Law, but i am wondering if what i ask is even possible. Thanks for any tip+ P.S. any recommendation for a Swiss Advisor who can help with that? Or German High German / English . Anybody in the Forum here is providing these service maybe?
  4. Hello finance wizards,   I am leaving Germany soon as my employer accepted my request to work remotely from my country of origin (France). The idea is to switch to a french working contract.   I have some cryptos, half held for more than a year, and therefore not subject to taxation in Germany, but another half bought a few months ago. I plan to keep those cryptos for a few years but will obviously at some point sell them. Not a crazy amount, but still likely over 100.000 euros if everything goes in the right direction from here. Enough to not be super excited by the idea to give back a third of it.   And now the question: I thought about skipping the Abmeldung so that when selling those coins I can still benefit from the german taxation. Note that I will sublet the flat I was leaving in here, but in which I was never registered in (still registered to an old flat I used to occupy a few years ago).   I know this is probably dodgy,  but how realistic/risky is all this? Does anyone see any other options for me to consider? (I thought about not switching to a french working contract for now, and regularly come back here. Not the most cosy option).   Thanks to share your lights                      
  5. Hallo,  I need some advice regarding the following  situation. I am an EU citizen and i have full time permanent employment in Germany with a German company. Until now i have been living in Germany, but i want to move to another EU country. What are the implications of moving abroad in terms of: - taxes ( i assume i will still pay taxes on income in Germany) - health insurance ( do I keep paying my krankenkasse and will they cover me abroad?) - social contributions ( for unemployment and pension, will i keep paying in Germany?) - are there any other legal issues that i must consider?   Thank you for your help. CL
  6. Hallo leute! It's my first year filing taxes in Germany as a self-employed person. My spouse is a regular employee. Does the Finanazamt need to know about his earnings, or am I able to just submit my financial information? He was on Elternzeit last year if that is pertinent information too. Thanks in advance! 
  7. Hello all, we are considering to return back to US, with my family in the first semester of 2022...   I would appreciate an advice, if somebody has experience with the following questions.   A little background beforehand: I will keep working in Germany until Feb 2022 and after that we are going back. In this case, I would change my Wohnsitz from Germany to US, as I expect to start a new position there.     So here the questions:   1. Is there any mimimum income under which I do not have to file German taxes? (Again Wohnsitz in the USA) 2. Will I have to pay additional taxes for the 2 months income (Jan & Feb), other than what my German employer has withheld already? 3. I have some stocks from my company, which pays me dividend in Germany every year, a 3 digit-amount per year. Are they going to be further taxed with 25%+ after I change my wohnsitz? And will I have to file taxes every year to declare this dividend income?     I could not find any exact relevant threat, so apologies for any incovenience, if there is something   Thanks!!