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  1. Hi everyone. I'm a US/non-EU citizen who was doing freelance software development in Munich last year until the end of July 2019, when I moved out. I filed my Abmeldung with the KVR, and sent a copy with a letter to the Finanzamt—and I paid my Vorauszahlungen for 2019 then as well. Since then I started a new (employed) job in Austria in Oct. 2019.   That said, I was wondering how I should file my German taxes for 2019. Because I earned more than 10% of my 2019 income in Austria (~33%), I think I qualify as a beschränkter steuerpflichtiger Person—and unfortunately it looks like I can't file my taxes over something like Smartsteuer. Is this right, or would I fall into the unbeschränkt category? If indeed my case is beschränkt, does anyone know what forms I should file—or if there is any software I could use for this? Kind thanks in advance.
  2. Hi out there, After moving back to my homeland, my German connection is still strong...namely, my 2017 taxes are still on the to-do list! I was happy to be really quick about it, being the 7th year I was a Kleinunternehemer as a language teacher but with this change to mandatory Anlage EÜR, my system's all screwy! Can someone please please help me???   I freelanced as language trainer, previously always filled out in line 4 of Anlage S ( Gewinn aus freuberuflicher Tätigkeit) as well as university teaching which is nach §3 Nr. 26 EstG ist ein Betrag von 2.400€ Steuerfrei and nach §4 Abs. 21b UmStG den Betrag Steuerfrei, which I filled in at line 10 of Anlage S (Gewinn aus sonstige selbständige Arbeit). Although the tax office told me that I could equally write it in the last section of Anlage S, line 44, sonstiges, specifically mentioning the €2400 tax-free amount.   It was always good, but before, I was able to send in my own profit/loss statement with all these details on it and they figured it out that although I actually took in more than €17500, I still classified as Kleinunternehmer.   But now what do I do?? Anlage EÜR, Line 11, Betriebseinnahmen als umsatzsteuerlicher Kleinunternehmer... Do I write in my non-uni teaching that comes in at under €17500, or do I write the total income, which was over €17500 and put in the uni amount in the next line, davon nicht steuerbare Umsätzte sowie Umsätzte nach §19 Abs. 3 Satz 1 Nr 1 und 2 UStG?? And if I do that latter, should I write the total amount I earnt from the uni which is only USt taxfree, or just the €2400 that's ESt taxfree? So confusing!!   I'd love to hear a response from anyone or of course from our beloved Panda superhero! Hope Spring has finanlly come your way!
  3. I use Elster exclusively to send forms to the Finanzamt, which works great. My problem is that whenever I submit a form electronically, I get an answer in my physical mailbox by post. Is there some option I am not setting in Elster that would enable getting all replies electronically? I had the same issue on the Deutsche Rentenversicherung site and I eventually found an option to opt-in to all replies electronically.   Many thanks in advance.
  4. Hello,   I am an American citizen living in Berlin under my husband's Blue Card. My husband only makes income in Germany and I do not currently have any income.    Our current tax status in Germany is Class III/V   I have been offered a grant by a UK Charity to do work for them for 6 months for around 7,500 pounds. They are labeling it as a grant to study and offered to pay me to my American bank account (I only have N26 is an EU alternative).   What are the tax implications for this scenario in Germany and in the US? They said they could be flexible about labeling the grant/where the payment goes if it would impact me negatively to do it the way they set it up.   I just don't want to be in a situation where I agree to this grant and then end up paying most of it back in taxes.   Thanks for your help
  5. Hello,   Does anyone know what the rules are for tax-deducting donations over 200EUR, to non-German NGOs? I found this online: So does this mean for non domestic recipients a bank statement to prove the transfer would be enough? Has anyone deducted such donations?   Cheers! R.
  6. Can anyone help me out by explaining how to consider the Übungsleiterpauschale (2400Euros - tax free Ehrenamt money in Germany) on my U.S. taxes? Would that money be considered regular income when I file in the U.S.? As a American student in Germany and a permanent resident, I usually earn under the 4000 Dollars necessary before you have to file taxes in the U.S.. Thanks to the Übungsleiterpauschale I will go above that threshold and be required to file. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  7. Home office in a WG - deductible?

    Hi all,   I have a question regarding claiming home office expenses when living in a WG:   I'm in a sublet contract in a WG in which I rent 1.5 rooms for a flat "warm" price which includes all utilities and WiFi. There's no breakdown of costs in my contract.   One of the rooms, my bedroom, is 12,88 sqm. The other one, my office, is 5,71 sqm - or 30,71% of my share of the rented property.   The office room is obviously just an office/studio since you could barely even fit a mattress there. It has a separate entrance to a corridor, a door that closes, a window, and a heater.   I'm registered as both Freiberufler (performing artist/Darstellende Künstler) and as a Gewerbe and I work 90% of my time from home. I've made the small space both a sewing studio and home office with books and a sewing machine, etc.   My question is, considering I'm subletting and living in a WG, can I deduct the expenses for this home office space? And is it ok if it doubles as studio and office, considering my profession?
  8. Hello,   I am a full time employee on permanent contract in a large multi-national company in Germany. I've a YouTube channel and so far it has not made any money. But it is growing and at the current rate I should be able to earn money from my YouTube channel starting August 2020. I do not expect a lot of earning from YouTube channel - less than Euro 1000 surely. My question is what I need to do now regarding taxes and my situation?: - Should I create a company for my youtube? Maybe Kleinunternehmen makes sense? - Given the income will be small can I just add it in my overall income I get as an employee while doing tax return? This will be my preferred option if I will not be doing anything wrong   Thank you for your advise.   Regards, Avikar
  9. Bike as Tax deduction

    I'm doing my taxes for 2015 and that year I bought a new bike. Also in the last year I frequently went to the bike shop to repair my bike and my girlfriend's. I know the transport scheme that pays you per kilometer. But is it possible to get an extra tax deduction for buying the bike or the reparations?   Thanks in advance for your help.
  10. Hey all,   Hope you can help me out with this one. Have been all over google but cannot figure it out. I've been residing in Berlin for some months but do not live here officially. I've done a one off job as a musician but my employer says he cannot accept the invoice I am sending him because of inadequate taxation details.   Mainly he says I need a Steuernummer (you need to have your address here as far as I can understand to get one of those) and also to refer to a tax paragraph that qualifies how I should be taxed.   I officially live in Denmark, so I am a EU citizen and I work as a freelancer and make around 700 euro a month.   Can anyone tell me what I should put on the invoice?   Thanks in advance.    
  11. Hi everyone,    I have tried my best but am really struggling to fully understand all tax rules to work out the implications for me. I also can't seem to find a tax adviser who can help me with both my UK and German tax questions. I would be super grateful for any help or advice I can get here.    This is my situation  - I was employed in the UK between Apr 2019 and Jul 2019.  - I then quit my job and registered in Germany in Aug 2019.  - I started receiving rental income in the UK from Sep 2019. - I started full time work in Germany on 10 Mar 2020.   My questions - Am I a tax resident of Germany from the day I register or the day I start full time work? If it is from the day of registration, do I have to file a tax return in Germany for 2019? - For the UK tax year Apr 2019 to Apr 2020, do I have to declare my few weeks of German income?  - How do I inform the UK of a change in tax residency? My address on the Hmrc system has been changed to my German address but is that enough?  - Do I have to file tax returns with both the UK and Germany going forward? Where do I pay income taxes on my rental income?    Thank you! 
  12. Hey all,   I am a US-expat who has lived in Germany for 10.5 years and has been employed in German academia for most of that time. I am married to a German, and I have a Daueraufenthaltserlaubnis-EU, which I got even before we got married. I am currently on ALG-1, but I recently received a fellowship for 1 academic year in the US, which is set to commence in August 2020. I can decide how to divide the amount of the fellowship between salary, research funds, and relocation costs.   Right now, I'm trying to figure out how things are going to look for taxes. I've always claimed the foreign earned income exclusion for my US taxes, since my salary has never exceeded the maximum amount allowed for the FEIE. However, I am wondering what will happen if I leave Germany for a year. Clearly I will owe US taxes on my US-earned income. But what about German taxes? Should I "unregister" my residency at the Bürgerbüro, or change it to a "2.Wohnsitz"? What happens to my permanent residency permit if I am not registered as a resident anywhere in German? I know I can always re-claim residency because of my spouse, but it would be nice if I didn't have to re-register at or pay any fees to the Ausländeramt.    I'm also trying to figure out what I should do for health insurance. I'm currently on public health insurance (b/c unemployed). Does it make more sense to pay out-of-pocket for German health insurance (+international coverage), or would it be better to go on US health insurance for a year and then come back.   Any advice on these matters would be greatly appreciated. I also plan to call the Finanzamt, the Bürgerbüro, and the Ausländerbehörde. But I need to know the right questions to ask. Thanks in advance!   Griff
  13. Hi all, this year I had some capital losses from selling funds. I would like to know: - which financial instruments may I use to recover these losses in germany? (e.g: stocks, etf, certificates, funds) - how much time do I have to recover these losses? - where do I put these losses in the form on   Many thanks to all Albe