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  1. Hello,   I've tried the search function, but strangely haven't found an answer to something I thought would have been asked here before. I have received my tax bill for 2017, it's 1,270euro, which isn't a lot to some people, but it is to me right now, I had some unexpected dental work that had to be done that my insurance didn't cover, so all my savings went on that  - when it rains it pours or whatever.    I want to know if I can pay it in instalments? I can't find any info on this anywhere strangely. I don't want to pay and go into my overdraft as that will mess up my schufa I assume and I want to buy an apartment in the next few years.    Thank you in advance to this wonderful community.   Best Wishes
  2. I see a lot of excellent threads on filling in the Mantelbogen ESt 1V form but it seems this has been replaced by the Hauptvordruck form in Elster? It seems more in depth than the Mantelbogen. This is my first time filing and I could use some help. Is there a guide on this form?   Specifically, is this the form where pension insurance and health insurance payments are declared? Or will that be in Anglage N? What about employment expenses like commuting and home office deduction?   Thanks!
  3. OK, I searched for a bit, but couldn't find anything recent with my situation. Apologies if a double post...   I am an American, working in Landshut for a German Company as a full time, regular employee, w/ an unlimited contract. I have a Blue Card in process.   A former business partner of mine has asked me to be a (small) shareholder in an LLC he is forming in the US. This is a business that will only be working in the Pacific Northwest, no work in Germany.    I have a few questions - it seems the most recent tax implications for a US LLC are... unclear? If the US LLC income is well below the DTT threshold, how does it get recorded in Germany? What are the tax implications? Is it a bigger headache than it is worth?   My total salary here in Germany falls below the double taxation treaty, and I imagine any income derived from the LLC will still keep me below that threshold.   Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.   Thanks!  
  4. Finanzamt Payment Plan ???

    Has anyone got the finanzamt to give them a payment plan? I have a large tax big... larger than most people's gross income.. I just emailed them asking if they would agree .. any insight anybody? 
  5. Do I have to pay taxes from the VAT I charge?

    Hello,   I am hoping someone can help with my question. Do I have to pay taxes from the VAT I charge and pay to the Finanzamt every 3 months? Because I was told to add it as an income in my yearly Gewinn calculation.   Thanks in advance!
  6. Dear forum -   I have a "simple" tax question. I live in Germany and receive my income as an employee from a German company. I have filed taxes in the past, but I am drawing a blank as to how I got to a specific number.   My plan is to use the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion, and I've got a bit left over for the first time, so I would like to use a Tax Credit to cover that, since I have paid my German taxes like a good citizen. I'd prefer not to use a tax professional for various reasons, if possible.   What taxes from my Steuerbescheid can / should I use at the bottom of Form 1116 (Part II) when I list the German taxes that I paid, which I imagine will be higher than the tax due from the US?   Thanks in advance, Boris 
  7. Hi all,   I have a question about German tax consequences for a U.S. irrevocable trust. I am the only person in my family living in Germany – the rest of my family lives in the US. My father (grantor) sent up an irrevocable trust this past year, in which me and my brother are named both as Co-Trustees and Co-Beneficiaries. I am wondering when and what taxes I might owe in Germany in my role as Co-Trustee and/or Co-Beneficiary.   My impression is that I am liable for German gift-tax or inheritance tax when I receive money from the trust as a beneficiary. However, I am really unclear about whether I have any tax obligations to the German government as a result of being a Co-Trustee.   I am pretty sure that, from the perspective of German law, the irrevocable trusts counts as a “Vermögensmasse ausländischen Rechts, deren Zweck auf die Bindung von Vermögen gerichtet ist”, but I am lost as to if and how this effects my tax obligations as a Co-Trustee of the trust living in Germany.   Any help or advice would be much appreciated!  I am not even sure of whether their question is better directed at a lawyer or a tax advisor.   Thanks!
  8. Hi,    I would greatly appreciate some information regarding my tax situation for year 2018. Over the course of the year i had 3 different sources of income:   Freelance cleaning Gewerbe from January to November 2 months employment in November and December Freelance massage Gewerbe from September to the end of the year (still current)   I am familiar with Elster and used it to file my taxes last year (2017). I would appreciate if some one could tell me which forms i would need to fill in for my situation. Will i need to separate Gewerbe tax forms? And a separate one for my earnings from employment? Thanks in advance.     Kind regards,     Fred    
  9. Can anyone offer advice for dealing with a hostile tax firm, or know of a government commission that oversees tax advisers and perhaps could help us?  Here's the situation: We arrived in Munich in 2017, so in 2018, we had to file our first German tax return as well as a U.S. return. My German husband asked his colleagues for Steuerberater recommendations, but the ones they suggested were all booked, so in April 2018, he hired one of the large firms. The accountant assigned to us really took her time, and on Oct. 3, my husband suffered a ruptured blood vessel in his brain. He had three surgeries, suffered memory problems and lost vision in one eye. A few days after the aneurysm, I notified the accountant in an email (I can write and read German but really am not up to discussing tax issues in German), but she didn't bother to reply to me and apparently did no further work on the return until my husband got home from the hospital Dec. 14. He tried to deal with it then but allowed the firm to file the return on Dec. 31. They charged us 2,100 Euros but, when we complained, they took off 300 Euros. Later, with his father and some tax software, my husband went over the return and found that the accountant had done a sloppy job. He's been trying to get her to correct the return, which apparently has antagonized this large firm, because last week they "fired'' us, and yesterday we got an additional bill for 3,000 Euros.  We don't know what to do. Any suggestions? We really appreciate any help you can offer.
  10. I have a permanent job in Germany since 2015 and I don't do other work activities as self-employed or Freelancing. However, I have an account on a freelancing website and a friend of mine uses this account to acquire micro projects from this website.  The project costs are transferred to my bank account because it is in my account on this website.  My question is that since I don't do anything in these projects and I don't get money, should I pay taxes just because the account and address are mines? His total income for 2017 is around 400€ and  245€ for 2018. so it is pretty low income and I already declared my taxes for 2017.  should I stop him from using this account or ask him to write me a letter that he is using this account? should I inform the taxes office or I might involve my self in a more complex situation?
  11. Freelancing after losing job

    Hello,   I am a European citizen that has been working in Germany for the last 11 years, always fully employed. I recently lost my job, and after an interview for a new job, the employer asked me to work for them as a freelancer for a month, with the plan that if it works out, it becomes a full-time position. They want me to start right away. How do I go about this? I never freelanced before. I am in a delicate position because I am a single parent and have no help, but I would love to avoid going into unemployment.   Thank you in advance for any advice.
  12. Hello, in 2017 I found an UG company (as kleinunternehmer) for a possible freelancing opportunities but then I found a full time job before I do any activities on this UG. I learned at that time that I must hire a tax advisor to fill the yearly tax declaration and I'm not allowed to do it by myself. And since then I'm with FreeFibu and paying around 78EUR per month (there is zero activities on this UG company). However, I learned recently, that if I the UG was registered as a (kleinunternehmer) then I am allowed to fill tax declaration by myself (Through Elster) since there is no activities. So, I would like to know if I'm allowed to do it myself or it shall be done only through a tax advisor. Thanks in advance.
  13. Taxes liability while working from UK

    Hi,   Sorry for my lack of knowledge. I wanted to understand about tax implications when resident in UK but remotely employed for German company(and paid salary in Germany). I am exploring idea of working from UK for a German employer. My questions were:- 1. Will my entire tax be deducted in UK only and can I avail NHS benefits? 2. Will there be any liability for Krankenkasse/Pension/Unemployment insurance payments in Germany? 3. Do employer still need to pay their part for krankenkasse? Any other thing worth to mention..   I am not worried about visa implications as I am German national.    Thanks for the insights.
  14. Redo / amend Taxes

    Hey,   I sent my steuerberater this question in an email, but until he replies back, I would love info from the community.  My tax bill was f^%king massive. I didn't expect it to be so large.. I have up to €15.000 in business expenses that I didn't deduct from my gross income. Is it possible in Germany to amend your tax declaration after it's already processed? I'm not feeling too optimistic at the moment, but any feedback would be great. 
  15. Hello there, moved back to Berlin from the UK and need to file some taxes, its been a while - 8 years that I was away and was completely out of the German tax system with moving January to Berlin, and having accepted a German based contract in November 2017, I was back in Berlin living and working since January 2018, full year of income -- anyone have decent advisors who can also help deal with the UK side (I filed taxes there and actually got a return in UK already) , just want to sort out any double taxation that might occur in Germany    I am based in Mitte and it seems its really hard to find a decent tax advisor at the moment in Berlin, either not enough staff or all booked out...   Tips appreciated
  16. Taxes on non-German accumulating ETF

    Hello everybody,   Posting for the first time.   I would like to invest in an accumulating ETF which is operated by Deutsche Bank and is domiciled in Luxembourg. The fund is "transparent", i.e. it reports to the German tax authorities.   As far as I understand, the taxing process is extremely complex. The German authorities behave as if they aren't aware of the dividend/interest gains and you're obliged to declare and pay them every year. However, upon selling, they suddenly become aware of these gains and tax you again. Then, in order not to be double-taxed, you must prove that you correctly declared all gains and paid the taxes lawfully, and only then will you get your taxes back.   Is this really the case? Is investing in transparent, German-operated funds in the EU really that complex?   Thanks in advance!
  17. Hi there, I've tried my best to find some answers within the forum, so I apologize if this has already been addressed.   I'm a kleinunternehmer and in 2016 made well under the 17,500 cap. I have not charged VAT on my invoices accordingly.   However, when I mailed in my information and a profit loss statement, I received a letter back from my Finanzamt saying that my return was missing some information and that I also need to fill out a Umsatzsteuererklarung and Anlage EUR. I went to the Finanzamt to ask about this (since I could not find EUR on ELSTER), and the woman said yeah you need to fill these out and gave me paper copies and told me to mail them back.   But from everything indicated in this forum, the Umsatzsteuererklarung and Anlage EUR are only necessary if you have made over 17,500 and charge VAT. I'm trying to fill these out, but I'm now afraid that there is some misunderstanding - all of the instructions on the ELSTER wiki, for instance, provide instructions for people who have made over 17,500.    Any advice or help is super appreciated.