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  1. Hello Community,   I have been a freelancer in Germany for 10 years. At least 4 different tax advisors, 2 of them a nightmare rip-off, 1 lazy and the best of all retired for good.  So much pain for making sure I don't mess around, so much of 'black box' services where I have no rights, they do whatever they want, when they want, and I just pay and sign. Now for about a year I have been working on a business idea, testing, and really considering if I should move on with a small e-commerce business. The only thing holding me down is exactly that, on the top of the struggle with paperwork as a freelancer, do I want the headache of a 'Einzelunternehmer' in Germany?  Hard to let my little dream go, and I really would like to try, but just reading about the registration process, IHK, that and that insurance for zero profit plus being vulnerable to shark tax advisers scare me.   Then I read about Estonia E-residency, that I could actually open up the business of an online shop anywhere in EU. Important: I am not trying to pay less taxes, I pay what I have to pay, I am trying to operate hassle-free as much as possible, and hopefully in 3 years to make profit. My doubts - How is the process of declaring that in Germany, where I actually reside? Because if after all I still have to recur to German tax advisers, honestly, the appeal is gone.   So, if one is traumatized by bureaucracy and arrogance and bad costumer service, and the top priority is not 'avoid taxes', does it make sense to open up a business outside of Germany? Or Finanzamt will be even more a pain to me?   I just want to create and sell products for children...   sorry for the long message, thanks in advance!