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  1. Hi guys,   In 2019 I bought a few US stocks and accumulative ETFs through a foreign broker. I am trying to fill tax declaration (for 2019), spend a week trying to figure out how to declare foreign dividends (from stocks) and ETFs and I am still confused a lot.   Please help with the following: In some posts (from 2018+, guides, or written by tax advisers) it is said that I can declare dividends in Anlage KAP line 15. When I check the info in ELSTER it is said about this line  But I did not buy anything in 2018. Do I need to fill something here? If I try to add an item there, it asks for 2018 data only. If not this place where else I can declare that I bought ETFs in 2019?   Please help   
  2. Hi Guys,   This is the first time that I have declared a tax return in Germany.   My situation is as follows:   1) I moved to Germany in late September 2016 to start studying for my master's degree.      In 2016, I had to pay tuition fees and rent, and I did not have income that year.   2) In 2017:  I was still a student and paid for tuition fees and rent.     09/2017: I started a working student position in a company (named A) and earned around €850/month                    (I did not have to pay tax while working there, maybe because there is a special                     agreement between the company and Finanzamt for student - no tax evasion).        11/2017: I bought a laptop for my study.   3) In 2018: I was still a student and paid for tuition fees and rent.                   I was working at company A.     10/2018: I finished my study while keeping the student status until 04/2019.   4) In 2019: My student status was valid until 04/2019.     04/2019: My contract at company A ended.     04/2019 - 08/2019: I was looking for a job without additional income.     08/2019 - 12/2020: I found a job in company B and started working there.   My questions are:   1) Is it possible that this year (2020) I can file a tax return for all previous years (2016-2019) or for     some selected years (2016, 2017, and 2019 - without 2018) at once?     If yes, what is the procedure?   2) Is it possible that I can claim back all tuition fees during my master's degree?      If yes, which proofs do I need to submit? (a confirmation from university or just the bank transfer details are enough)   3) Is it possible that I can claim back all renting fees during my master's degree?     If yes, which proofs do I need to submit? (a confirmation from studentenwerk or just the bank transfer details are enough)   4) Is it possible that I can claim back all health insurance fees (AOK) during my master's degree?     If yes, which proofs do I need to submit? (a confirmation from the health insurance provider or just the bank transfer details are enough)   5) In 2019: I only worked as a full-time employee for 5 months and earned €X. However, I paid taxes on the total amount (€X) with a tax rate as if I received     a full year wage.     Is it possible when I file a tax return, the Finanzamt will lower the tax rate on my €X and give me back the difference?   6) In the tax return statement:      6.1) Do I need to state the wage that I received from company A (no tax had to paid)?     6.2) In 2019: Line "Annual gross wage": Will I fill out the €X or the full year amount on my employment contract?   7) Do I need to submit "Lohnsteuerbescheinigung" or the Finanzamt have already had the data? (honestly, I lost the paper and hope that it is possible     that I do not have to submit it).   Thank you very much for your advice.     Ads   Lohnsteuerbescheinigung Ads                 
  3. Hi,   I started working in Germany on December 2019 after relocating from Italy. I would now like to file my tax return (Steuerklasse 3, thus mandatory). I would like to claim the lump sum for relocation. What I cannot understand is what happens in my case as I worked only one month in 2019 (December) and so my tax return would be quite small. I understand that the lump sum is for tax deduction and not money that are given directly to you. Do I lose this deduction if I file the request of the lump sum now? Or does the tax office keep that deduction that one can then use for next year's (2021) declaration?   Using online tax return platforms to calculate my tax return I should get a small refund in general thanks to other deductions and it is quite unclear what happens with the lump sum which is calculated to be around € 1.500. I wouldn't like to lose the possibility to have that deduction.   Thank you in advance for any information on this issue.
  4. Hi, I want to submit a tax declaration for last year.    I worked for a company for 4 months until September 2019 and bought a personal item in August with a discount benefit from the employer. The employer sent me two different Lohnsteuerbescheinigung. First one covers my work period with my tax class 1 and the second one has a period of 01.09-31.10.2019 with tax class 6. As I talked to the employer, I paid taxes for the item I bought within this discount, that´s why I received it.   To submit the tax declaration, should I sum them up or submit them separately?  
  5. UK rental income on German tax returns

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum and have a question about my tax returns.   I am employed in Germany and pay taxes here. Last year I started receiving rental income from my UK flat. I have declared this income in the UK and do not need to pay tax on it as it falls under the tax threshold.   My question is - when I declare this to the Finanzamt, what will happen? I read that the UK has a double taxation agreement with Germany and I cannot be taxed twice on the UK income, but will the Finanzamt add the UK income to my German income and tax me on the total amount?   I live in Germany for more than 180 days in the year, but still have a registered address in the UK.   I plan to become a German citizen this year (and keep my UK passport). Would that put me in a different tax position? Any help is greatly appreciated. xxxx
  6. Hi all, I am freelancer based in Berlin. Now I am preparing for tax return 2019.   It seems that from 2019, Anlage EÜR form is changed, and you need to write "Bezeichnung", description for all of your expenses. The problem is that, because till 2018 we didn't need to write any description in each expense category, I didn't classify my receipts in detail. For example, in line 83, you need to fill all your "Sonstige tatsächliche Fahrtkosten", which is other business travel expense, but I just put all my receipts (ex. air plane, metro, taxi, car sharing, petrol,,,etc) in one folder. I have hundreds of receipts, and it's too much work to check each receipt once again. I would like to know how you all deal with this new form,,, Any advice would be welcomed, thank you!  
  7. Hi all.  I am preparing to file my first tax return (actually from 2016, but to make this easier and 2019 is the case I don't know how to proceed, I want to do it for 2019). I have looked into the major threads here and the ELSTER wiki page. Any advice/help would be really appreciated. My situation:   I was (am, thesis left) a student who got a Blue Card working visa in 2019. The timeline for 2019 is: I was a werkstudent (hours-based salary) in Company A (upto 15-February 2019). I changed to Company B as a werkstudent (hours-based salary) (from 15-February 2019 - July 2019). Then I became full-time working employee  in Company B(from Aug 2019; on a side-note, I still need to finish my thesis).  1. In the Anlage N (2019), entry no 6 is Bruttoarbeitslohn. What/how do I fill this? I had various jobs with different salaries, especially during werkstudent, and once I changed the company? The same case for the entries no 7 (Lohnstuer) and others.  Now, the one I find difficult ( and I have tried to search the last hour on Toytown and google but couldn't find the relevant information). I became 30 years old. My public health insurance  was on the student tariff of approx 90Euros/mth till March 2019 paid by myself. Then I was transferred to the voluteer public health insurance where I had to pay around 155Euros/mth (discounted from 190Euros/mth) from April 2019 - July 2019 paid by myself. Then I transferred to the compulsory health insurance from Aug 2019. This latter is half paid by the employer as is the law.    2. How do I do the tax for this case? From my read from the forums and other articles, I can put this to get deductions. How do I approach this?    2.1 How do I claim tax deduction for the 90Euros/mnt that I paid upto March 2019?    2.2 How do I claim tax deduction for the 155Euros/mnth that I paid April 2019 - July 2019 since I paid it by myself?   2.3 Do I need to claim the tax deduction for the health insurance and other paid by me and my company from Aug 2019?   Thank you for any advice.    [Not to derail the main thread: the 155 mnt was a student discount based on only getting salary upto 1055 euros/mnth. I exceeded that salary, and they said I might have to pay back at that time, but I haven't received any letter so far this month. But i wait till the end of this month. But besides the number, the questions above still stands, and I would definitely like to get deduction because I might have to pay quite a lot of money for this 4 months at 14% without employer contribution ]
  8. Tax Return for 2020

    Ok so I'm stuck in this boring country until the end of the month basically until the new home owners get our house keys. Hubby is already in Singapore and starting his new job while I'm here with the kids for another few weeks. My question is: am I still required to submit a German tax return next year for the year 2020? I have no employment income this year in Germany but I imagine there will be a capital gains tax on the house since the money is being transferred this year. I'll probably forget to do it but how is this done abroad?
  9. 2019 is coming to the end along with the deadline to fill taxes for 2015.   I was told by Wundertax services that it is not possible to claim for the payments towards my UK student loan (the kind that only covers tuition fees no living costs) only for interest which wasn't enough to generate any gain from tax return. However, I now found some old information here on that you actually can claim these as Sonderausgaben. I paid about 2000 euro in those repayments so if I could claim them it would be very worthwhile to fill tax return.   I would be very grateful if anyone could help me.