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  1. To begin with thank you to everyone who has already provided advice on Steuerklassen. It has been very helpful.   I have not however found what we are looking for.   My wife returned to Germany this last year with our two daughters.  She also has taken in her aging mother who can no longer care for herself. In addition, we have an au pair that assists with her mother who also lives in the home.  I live and work in California (USA) and travel to Germany throughout the year.    We would like to be Class 3, but I’m afraid we would only qualify for Class 1 or Class 2.  I am new to the German Tax system and would appreciate any advice.   Thank you in advance.    
  2. Proof of foreign income

    Dear all,   I moved to Germany last October. Previously I worked in Israel as a postdoc research. During this time I was not officially employed, but rather received a living allowance stipend (this is the standard for a postdoc in Israel, e.g.,, which was tax free. The money was paid directly into my bank account each month - I did not receive a payslip or equivalent. I declared this foreign income in my German tax, and now they are asking for proof of income. The problem is - I have none. As noted, the money was paid directly into a (now closed) bank account, with no payslip.   Any advice?
  3. Zweite Studium - reducing taxes

    I am doing a executive MBA in the UK and wonder if the tax office will accept the cost as Werbungskosten which I am planning to deduct from the taxes this year?   also would there be a limit of the MBA degrees I can deduct? I have one full time which was deducted as Werbungskosten in 2014 and this is now an executive one which costs much more money.  
  4. Solidarity Tax

    In the year 2021 the Solidarity Tax will NOT be paid by 90% of Germans.  The tax is used to give financial help to locations in Germany that were once part of East Germany.  I think 90% of Germans not paying the tax is a bad idea.  The main reason I think it is a bad idea is the tax is helping Germans in locations that used to be East Germany.  East Germany is part of German history and Germans living in what used to be East Germany should get as much help as possible.  People reading this please give your opinion.
  5. Taxes on Stock Options

    I have the opportunity to exercise 100 stock options of my previous employer for € 5 per share. The current value approved by the tax office is € 30.   In order to check its worthiness, I was wondering about:   1- Will my tax change be in the area of having my taxable income increased by 2500 Euros (i.e. If I currenlty earn 50k per year , then I will be taxed for 52500)? 2- If I decided to sell the stocks after vesting them, do I have to pay an another tax than in the one above? 3- When does the tax office demand taxes (next year tax return?)   Many Thanks