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  1. Dear All,   Can you help please? If you get bonus from your employer, I know that this is taxable. Do you know if the % for social insurance, health insurance should be paid as well from the bonus (on top of the basic salary where normally insurances are calculated) just like how tax works if you get bonus? Or the insurances should be calculated from your basic salary and not from the bonus as well?   Thank you!
  2. When you've worked for a company for many years and they want to make you redundant and give you a big 6-figure settlement, that's normally immediately taxable at I believe near-as-dammit 50%. If you then decide you're not going to work for the next few years and plan to retire early (or just take a few years off), can tax on that redundancy payment be offset somehow?   I heard talk of someone who knows someone who took their payout and invested it into some kind of startup company and thereby avoided the immediate tax liability. I assume that if they got that money out of that investment with or without some change in its value, they'd then be liable for that taxation they avoided.   I wondered whether an alternative would be to start up a freelance business doing whatever you were doing before (for your employer), and pay yourself a fixed salary from it, like 20-30,000 which shouldn't incur too high a tax percentage. You'd keep that freelance business going until the investment funds ran out. You've then converted that one-off lump into a number of smaller lumps that are regular income and benefit from the 8k or so that you get tax-free and the 8-20 (or 8-30) would be at a lowish rate too.
  3. Had a  search on TT & Google but couldn`t find this particular circumstance. ( probably using the wrong search strings )   A friend in the UK ( resident ) has rental income from property in Germany ( around 9k ). She is not sure if she should be declaring / taxing this in Germany. From my research, she is probably   " Beschränkte Steuerpflicht in Deutschland "  & she should be declaring this to her local finanzamt ( where the property is )  Is this correct? Hoping  @PandaMunich or someone else can confirm this. If not, no problem, I can call my Steuerberater after the holidays and ask them.
  4. Background: I started to work January-1 and signed up myself and mywife for TK Non-contributory Dependants Co-insurance / Family.    Unfortunately, I had to quit my job end of march - terrible office culture. Funny enough my wife found a job in Munich and started her work on 15-April.    TK Insurance reapplicaiton over wife I explained the situation to TK and they said we are covered about a month so we put insurance start date 1st May. However, the period without employer contribution (April-1 to April-15) and insurance start date made me worried that we might perhaps be invoiced some cost...   My question to good people of TT,  a) are we going to end up with an invoice for period: - April-01 to April-15 (no employer) and/or - April-15 (work start) to May-1 (insurance start date)     b.) shall we change insurance start date to April-15 instead of May-01    
  5. Hi everyone!   I have a question regarding German taxes and mutual funds.   Before I moved to Germany I made yearly contirbutions to a Canadian mutual fund. All contributions were made before moving to Germany.   After having moved to Germany in 2017, I withdrew from these mutual funds early (2018) to pay off some outstanding debt I had in Canada.   I am currently employed in Germany and am a taxpayer here, and have no other income in Canada. My wife is German and I am living here under a marriage or family visa.   I wondering what the tax implications of the mutual fund withdrawal are for this year's tax return?   Just thought I would ask here as I can't really afford the international tax consultants!   Thanks in advance!    
  6. I want to start working as a freelance English teacher in Berlin. Whilst I'm waiting for work to pick up can I do a mini-job? Would I just add the income to my tax return at the end of the year? I have registered and I'm in the process of applying for a freelance tax number.   Also, I've just filled in an E101 from the UK to have my health insurance covered for one year. Is my health insurance still valid if I do 'employed' work as well as self-employed.   Thanks for your help. I'm new to the German system!
  7. I work as Software Developer. I want to buy a new laptop for work. My question is, if I buy a laptop of cost 1500 Euros then how much I will get back in tax return ? Second, if I buy laptop from foreign country e.g. USA, still I would be able to apply in tax return ? Third, Do I have to get in writing from my employer that they do not provide laptop and I need it purely for work ? These are related questions but do not address my query. and  
  8. Hi. I'm thinking about buying a new laptop for work. I've been reading around here and elsewhere about claiming a tax deduction from that. From what I gather, there are three important points: 1. It is for work. 2. Require for the job. 3. Employer doesn't provide it   So here is my situation/question for each point 1. This laptop will be almost always for work. I have a desktop for private use at home and the laptop will be used at my office most of the time. The biggest exception is when I travel, where I'll also use it in my private time. Is this still qualify as "for work"? 2. This is pretty easy I think. My job certainly needs it. 3. This one is tricky. The thing is my department actually give me three options: a desktop, a standard Dell laptop, or a MacBook Air. However, none of those really satisfy my need. And since I will be using this for most of my working time, I'd like to have something I'm happy with. The question is, does this fact disqualify me from claiming the tax deduction from buying my own laptop?   Thank you in advance.