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  1. Proof of foreign income

    Dear all,   I moved to Germany last October. Previously I worked in Israel as a postdoc research. During this time I was not officially employed, but rather received a living allowance stipend (this is the standard for a postdoc in Israel, e.g.,, which was tax free. The money was paid directly into my bank account each month - I did not receive a payslip or equivalent. I declared this foreign income in my German tax, and now they are asking for proof of income. The problem is - I have none. As noted, the money was paid directly into a (now closed) bank account, with no payslip.   Any advice?
  2. Zweite Studium - reducing taxes

    I am doing a executive MBA in the UK and wonder if the tax office will accept the cost as Werbungskosten which I am planning to deduct from the taxes this year?   also would there be a limit of the MBA degrees I can deduct? I have one full time which was deducted as Werbungskosten in 2014 and this is now an executive one which costs much more money.  
  3. Solidarity Tax

    In the year 2021 the Solidarity Tax will NOT be paid by 90% of Germans.  The tax is used to give financial help to locations in Germany that were once part of East Germany.  I think 90% of Germans not paying the tax is a bad idea.  The main reason I think it is a bad idea is the tax is helping Germans in locations that used to be East Germany.  East Germany is part of German history and Germans living in what used to be East Germany should get as much help as possible.  People reading this please give your opinion.
  4. Taxes on Stock Options

    I have the opportunity to exercise 100 stock options of my previous employer for € 5 per share. The current value approved by the tax office is € 30.   In order to check its worthiness, I was wondering about:   1- Will my tax change be in the area of having my taxable income increased by 2500 Euros (i.e. If I currenlty earn 50k per year , then I will be taxed for 52500)? 2- If I decided to sell the stocks after vesting them, do I have to pay an another tax than in the one above? 3- When does the tax office demand taxes (next year tax return?)   Many Thanks
  5. English speaking tax preparation

    I did a bit of freelance work last year in addition to my regular full-time job, and now I can no longer use Lohi or Steuerring because they don't deal with freelance taxes. Could anybody please recommend an English speaking tax consultant or preparer who deals with freelance taxes, preferably in Munich?  
  6. Tax Liability for UK National

    Hello, I am UK National living in UK. My UK company has contract with recruitment agency in UK. As part of the contract I travel to Germany for project-related services. My overall nos. of days in Germany is likely to be less than 183 days. My question is whether I need to register for taxes in Germany especially since i am UK resident and going to spend less than 183 days in Germany. Any pointers on the above question will be welcome.   Regards Tushar
  7. Hello Forum Members,   I am UK Citizen - I travel to Cologne to deliver IT Project related services. I have a UK Limited Company and my contract to deliver project related services is with UK Agency/ Entity. I am travelling to Cologne almost every week but I have flexibility to work from home, as well. If I spend less than 183 days in Germany in a 12 month contract duration - Would i be liable to pay tax in Germany.   Regards Sagar 
  8. Can anyone please recommend me an agency (online or whatever else) for filing my back taxes to the US with the fast track amnestry program? I've been paying in Europe for years now and was stupid...I didn't think I had to since I was under the double taxation limits.   I've been getting quotes but the amounts are all over the place, sometimes crazy high more than whatever penalties I could get. My situation tax wise is straight forward, I don't own any property or anything. I'm just looking to file the paperwork without breaking the bank to do it.   Any recommendations would be great well apperciated!
  9. Hi, I am aware that there is a capital gain tax on financial instruments, but not sure if it depends as well from the instrument traded itself? If the instrument has a high risk of capital loss, does it have less or no capital gain tax to be paid? An example: I bought an option on an index and sold it later with a higher price on the market. Do I need to pay taxes on this capital gain? My broker is DeGiro. Thanks in advance! Gledis 
  10. Tax prepayment request from Finanzamt

    Good afternoon community.   I am an engineer living in Germany since 6 years. I‘ve always worked as an employee since I moved here in Aachen. However, in 2017 I worked in Belgium (still as an employee), but I kept living in Germany (since the workplace was not that far, Aachen is just 3 km from the Belgian border). However, in 2018, I started working again in Germany, always as an employee and without any kind of self investment or freelance additional job.   Long story short, my tax consultant forgot to submit the Belgian tax certificate, and for such reason the German state asked me in 2019 for a Prepayment of the taxes in the second quartal.   Hopefully, this amount of money has been directly taken from the Finanzamt in Aachen from the money that I should have received for the tax declaration of 2018 (self-submitted using a pc-tool).   Eventually, the prepayment has been confirmed and I received only the difference as the tax refund for 2018.   I called the Finanzamt last week, and they told me that it was not possible to stop the prepayment (since apparently the German state had suspect about my taxes situation, after no documents attesting that I was working in Belgium as an employee in 2017 were submitted).    However, the operator from the Finanzamt told me that I will get back those taxes payed in advance with the tax declaration of 2019.   And now my question: since I am using a pc tool to do my tax declaration on my own, how I will be able to declare the prepayment in the tax declaration of 2019, and thus get back the money I have payed in advance (and basically double, since I am an employee and my taxes are automatically deducted from my gross monthly income from my employer)?   Thank you in advance to everyone and greetings from Aachen!    
  11. HI   I'm waiting for my tax number to come by post after my Anmeldung but payday is getting closer and i'm worried I won't get number in time. Does anyone know if it's possible or quicker to go to the FInanzamt (Deroystrasse) to get my number directly?   Thanks TTers   Laura
  12. Hi all!   I am looking for advice or recommendation for a good tax counselor/adviser who speaks English to sort out a situation. I am willing to pay for professional advisement.   Here's the situation: I'm currently unemployed and receiving unemployment benefit (ALG I). I am married and mine and my wife's tax class are III/V, respectively. We chose this because I was the only one employed and thus this netted us a higher monthly wage from my gross salary. My ALG I was calculated based on this tax bracket.   My wife has never worked in Germany and has never received any sort of unemployment benefit. However, she seems to have found a job and will probably sign a contract soon. If this works out, then she will be earning the higher salary, ca. twice than my unemployment benefit. So we figure that her staying in class V will deduct too much from her monthly salary.   We would like to change her to III and me to V, or even to IV/IV without factor, but I'm not sure how this would affect my unemployment benefit.  
  13. Hi all,   I was wondering if someone could clarify how I can submit additional documents via ELSTER after having completed and submitted my income tax return.    I submitted my tax return last month and yesterday received a letter from the Finanzamt asking me to provide them with the "Abgabe der Gewinnermiittlung elektronisch authentifiziert" related to my freelance work (Anlage S). The person at the Finanzamt in charge of my case said that "elektronisch authentifiziert" meant I should submit the documents via ELSTER. The question is: how? Should I submit a new tax return with said documents or is there a way to add documents to an already submitted tax return?   Thanks in advance to anyone who can help here! The Finanzamt employee was very nice but had a thick Bavarian accent and I could not understand how exactly I should submit the documents...   Cheers
  14. Hi All,    I have a question about tax implications.   If a person (on Blue Card) is employed full time and wants to start a business on the side,  what are the main tax implications.    The business is not expected to generate much income in the first few years.  The first year will have setup costs (for creation of product) --> read as business loss.  It will be a one person company.    What is the recommended business registration for this setup.    Will having a business impact the taxation on employment income . I understand if the overall income is higher, the employment income tax rate will change.  However, I am trying to determine if there will be other tax implications.    Can the business startup expenses be deducted,  against the employment income.    Example: Year 1 employment salary: 30k euros Year 1 business net loss: 10k euros    Year 2 employment salary: 30k euros year 1 business net profit: 5k euros   all help on this topic is greatly appreciated.  Regards,  Ghazi     
  15. Hi all,   I need some advice. I have been freelancing in Germany for over a year now and my Steuerberater has just filed my annual tax return. Unfortunately earlier in the year I forgot to give my Krankenkasse (TK) permission to send an electronic version of my 2018 contributions to Health Insurance to the Finanzamt. As a result my Steuerberater has said that I need to pay a premium of € 5,500 within a month. I have since called TK and they have now sent the 2018 contributions to the Finanzamt, but my Steuerberater has advised that I should still pay the outstanding amount because she has filed an appeal on my behalf. I really cannot afford to pay € 5,500 and do not know where I can get that from. Does anybody have any experience of this situation before, and is there any way I can avoid paying this fee now that the original issue has been rectified. Luke
  16. Hi all,   July is starting to approach now, and I'm still struggling to find any information on my last open query for filing KAP-INV for 2018 (yes, this includes trying to get appointments with Steuerberatern!)   Simply: how do I enter gains for ETFs that I continue to hold, and have bought into during 2018?   More detail: I believe I understand how the taxation works now ( Calculate the gain I "could have made" in a low-risk account from the Basiszins alone (Basisertrag) This includes the monthly contributions I made during the year, based on the whole months they were held ("Im Jahr des Kaufs wird die Vorabpauschale anteilig um 1/12 verringert für jeden vollständigen Monat der dem Kauf voraus ging.") Then, look at the gain made in the funds during the year If the gain is less than the Basisertrag, nothing to pay If the gain is more, Basisertrag and the difference with the fund gain are taxable All of this is fine, and leaves me with a small amount to pay for one fund The problem is; how do I actually enter this on KAP-INV? The language of page two seems to only refer to sales (veräußerung) I understand also Fiktive veräußerung for funds held before 1/1/2018, but this seems to be a separate matter TL;DR I would really appreciate a simple, straightforward explanation of how this simple situation maps to the form; i.e. write the Basisertrag in line x, write the gain in line y   If someone could please help, I would be deeply grateful!   Thanks in advance!        
  17. Hello dear community,   it looks like that soon I will be for the first time owner of a small flat in France \o/   My question is: if I decide to rent it (the monthly amount will entirely be used to pay back loan taken from a French bank), do I need to declare the rent money (which would prob end up to my French bank account) here in Germany? If so: how and when? I'm wondering if this revenue should be declared then taxed in France or Germany basically.   A bit more context: I have a full time job here in Germany and 0 other income in France.   I guess the topic is quite complex so maybe it is easier to go and seek advice from a Finanzamt? Maybe someone here has a good experience with a specific one in Berlin with English speakers? Any suggestions welcome.   Vielen Danke.    
  18. Hi,   I am aware that there are many online service to help with tax declaration, however, most of them does not include service for freelance with foreign income (need to fill in Anlage AUS) I have tried to have a go with Elster software but I didn't really understand it and Toytown guidline seems to be a little bit different from the new form they provided.   Does anyone know any online service, software or tutorial that may help me filling in these four forms? - Einkommensteuererklaerung (Est 1A) - Anlage S - Anlage AUS - Anlage EUR   Thank you so so so much for whoever helping to pull me out of hell. In case there isn't any of such a service, I would appreciate any recommendation for finding someone to do tax filing once a year. Thank you!   Best, NRN    
  19. A friend of mine will send me dried figs and Turkish delight in the original manufacturer packaging from Turkey.    As I checked gifts worth not more than 45 euros which are sent by one private individual to another shall be admitted free of import duties. However, I don't see any weight limit to import food.   How much weight do you think it would be okay? 2.5 or 3 kg? To determine the value of the goods, should I put the original receipt into the box or how should be shown?   Thanks in advance,
  20. Income tax declaration 2018

    Time for tax fun!   I'll get us kicked off.   How can I get the figures for the "Nebenkosten" if I've lost the original letter and my landlord company is a right old shower?   Similar question in case the answer is "check your bank statements" - what if I only get these online, and the stupid banking app only shows a short time span?
  21. tax on company distributions

    Does anyone know how company distributions affect taxes? If I receive distributions from a company I have shares in, how is that taxed? is it taxed?   thanks
  22. Hi All,   I was planning to sell my house in the US this year and recently relocated to Germany for work.  I'm living in Hamburg and earning my salary here in euros for the next 1 year and 2 months.  I don't intend to remain in Germany after that.  I have had the house for almost 5 years.  I was living in it from 2014-2017 until I moved abroad, first to China, and then just a few weeks ago to Germany.  I've been renting the house to my friend since 2017 when I moved out.   My understanding is that the US has taxation rights to the sale.  However, I would actually not be subject to capital gains tax in the US since I was living in the property for the minimum 2 out of the last 5 years.  I would, however, be subject to depreciation recapture and a fairly small "stamp tax" in Massachusetts.   I have spoken to multiple tax accountants in Germany through my work and they've given me conflicting answers on whether or not I would have to pay capital gains tax to Germany after the sale.  I'm hoping that somebody with experience could help to clarify.  I understand that if I had held the property for 10+ years or if I hadn't rented it out that I definitely wouldn't have to pay it, but unfortunately these situations don't apply to me.  I also understand that I can rent it out for one more year and sell it after moving and it wouldn't be an issue, but I would very much prefer to sell it now.   Please let me know in case more information is needed.  I appreciate any help that you can give me.   Thank you,   Jon
  23. Hello, I was offered a position through an agency to work as a civil engineer. However they say they will not be involved with anything and I have to be a freelancer. I found below statement online and range of technicalities involved is far more complex for me to have a rough idea what sort of tax, insurance and other expenses involved in freelancing.    I need to give an offer hourly rate.  How much of an expense I should add over my net income expectation. I am 31, married (non-eu married to EU national), no kids, currently unemployed, civil engineer, living in munich.   Later, you will need to register your business with the tax office (Finanzamt). They will decide if you are a freelancer (Freiberufler) or a tradesman (Gewerbetreibender). The difference is very important. Tradesmen must get a trade licence (Gewerbeschein) and pay a trade tax (Gewerbesteuer). They must also be listed in the trade register (Handelsregister) and follow different accounting rules. You must do these things before registering your business with the Finanzamt.
  24. Hello, Sorry if this question was asked before. I am a international student studying in Bamberg currently i have a mini job of 450 with that i am doing another side job but every month i receive my payment 35 percent tax is deducted from it which i believe is too much. Please if anyone have the correct information and give me an answer so that i can tell my employer to correct it. I have attached the payment slip below. Thank you
  25. Hello, I racked up a bit of debt to the TK a couple of years ago and in 2018 paid them back 1100EUR as part of a repayment plan. I'm just about to send off my Tax return and wondered if it's possible to add that to the deductions as voluntary contributions to healthcare? I found a similar post saying yes, but that was somebody deducting what they had paid in health insurance personally before finding a job. I wonder if the same applies when it is technically paying back a debt. Any thoughts would be great! LG, M