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  1. Hi everyone!   First of all, I would like to apologize if those question has already been posted on Toytown. I searched multiple times but didn't find any answer.   I was receiving money from the Agentur für Arbeit during the 4 first month of the year 2018. I then started a new job in Mai 2018 for which I am still working until the 15th of January 2019 before definitely leaving Germany 5 days after.    My questions are the following :  - Is there anything special I should notify in my tax returns of 2018 concerning my unemployment ? - Is there other taxs I can get back because of my departure from Germany ? (I will be living in Germany for 2 years and 8 months and will not come back)    Thank you very much for taking the time to read my post.   I wish you a lovely evening.   Kindest regards.
  2. I am a resident (and tax resident) of Germany, work in full time Job in Germany, and recieve rental income from an apartment in Australia.   As a non tax resident of Australia, I pay 32% tax on the rental income from the first dollar.   Then on the German tax return, I need to declare that rental income from Australia. There is a Doppelbesteuerungsabkommen with Australia but the language they use is difficult to understand. From what I understand, you can either use the Anrechnungsmethode or the Freistellungsmethode.   For the Anrechnungsmethode, you would pay tax in Australia, and then declare the income as well as the tax already paid (up to an allowable amount - Höchstbetrag).   For the Befreiungsmethode, you would pay tax in Australia, and then declare the income as Tax Free income, which then raises your tax rate, and uses us a portion of your tax free German income (Progressionsvorbehalt). This method does not take into account tax already paid in Australia.   Since, I have already paid a lot of tax on the income in Australia (32%) which is higher than my tax rate in Germany, my preference would be to use the Anrechnungsmethode to have the already paid tax recognised.   If I use the Befreiungsmethode, the tax already paid is not recognised and I end up having to pay extra tax because of the rental income. Am I allowed to choose which method I use?   If not, which part of the Doppelbesteuerungsabkommen specifies which method to use?   Many many thanks
  3. Hi! I'm looking for advise on following:   I'm doing Steuererklärung for one of the previous years. My child lives abroad (outside of EU/EEA), therefore I can not receive Kindergeld and never did. Nevertheless my Finanzamt added Kindergeld to the tax amount (1104 EUR). In the same time they reduce my income to 0.5 of Kinderfreibetrag (3504 EUR), so in the end it gives no-profit/no-loss, although I'm supporting my kid and I think therefore should be eligible for a tax relief some way.   I'm thinking if one of the following is possible: - Convincing Finanzamt that I don't receive Kindergeld by requesting a confirmation from Familienkasse. - Requesting to increase Kinderfreibetrag amount to full (7008EUR), not just half, because mother of my child (ex-wife) also lives abroad and have not been a tax resident. In this case I wonder if Finanzamt will also increase amount of Kindergeld to full, which will not give any benefit in the end. Anyone familiar with the case?
  4. News about taxation after Brexit

    Looks like Germany has been considering tax implications after brexit:
  5. Hi Everyone!   So I moved here to Germany from Singapore at the end of August last year, and for my tax declaration of 2017 I am unsure as to what additional details from Singapore I would need to provide.   I have the following clarifications/questions:   1. Interest earned from Foreign Bank Account (less than €801): - On the Mantelbogen ESt1A form under the question              "Unterhalten Sie auf Dauer angelegte Geschäftsbeziehungen zu Finanzinstituten im Ausland?"  - Do I need to simply indicate "Ja" without having to answer any other question? - I understand that the Anlage KAP form will also have to be filled in. However I'm not sure which question/section needs to be answered and what supporting documents I would need to supply.   2. Government Based Social Security System (CPF) - Singapore's government has an social security savings system called the  Central Provident Fund(CPF). These savings earn a certain percentage of interest as well. Is this something that I would need to declare in my tax declaration? If so where would I have to declare this?   I would greatly appreciate anyone's help in answering my questions 😀 Thanks!   Saima  
  6. Hi all, brand new to this forum. I am moving from London to work in Mainz for a Biotech company starting in January. I've looked through the forums and got myself a bit confused about the tax on my 2018 earnings from the UK as my German partners brother suggested that I would have to pay tax on my UK income from 2018 although I believed there was an agreement between the UK and Germany that meant I wouldn't get taxed twice on my income.   A little more info for you, my job finishes at the end of November in London and I will have no income in December when I move and register in Germany. My new job officially starts on the 1st of January. I could register in January also (move to Germany later in December) to avoid this according to my partners brother. However I want to get my bank account, tax ID etc all setup asap for obvious reasons and I need to register for these. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  7. Closing of a GbR

    Three of us started a GbR because to apply for a grant to do a project. The project will soon be over and I am trying to find out how we can close the GbR.   All three partners are in agreement to do this and we have no disputes whatsoever   I would like to know what sort of document I need to send it to the Finanzamt stating that the GbR is over.   I have reached out to my Finanzamt but all the advice I got was to check with the city administration if our activity is required to log off with the trade office. The other piece of information I was told is "it is sufficient if you provide the tax office, the date of deregistration."   Which sounds easy, but how does such a document look like? Is there a template somewhere I could use as base?   Thank you!
  8. Reopen freelance tax number

    Hello, I had a freelance tax number a few years back, which I then cancelled because I wasn’t doing any work. Now I’m considering working freelance again and I was wondering if there is any way to simply reopen the number without having to fill in forms, etc. again   Thanks in advance!
  9. Tax advisor

    Hi Is here some tax adviser who can advise me  how to set up companies (holding, offshore, paying salary or dividends etc) structure so that I can reduce my average 30-40% German tax to 0-20% ? Legally of course   The problem is my tax adviser is suggesting me a very generic model which does not really seem the best solution as I see after searching in internet for several weeks!   please write me with your offer and price at  or PM / comment   Thanks  
  10. HI,   I have a permanent residence visa and has accepted an offer from a company in Belgium. As my wife and I are settle in Germany, we would not want to move to Belgium. My query is how would my Belgian employment affect my tax and social security (health insurance, pension, unemployment, etc). Would i be tax in Germany or in Belgium?   Thank you
  11. Hi everyone! I am... so tired of this bureaucracy. I am looking for advice (based on previous experience) and maybe lawyer recommendations.   I decided to file tax returns for 2013-2015 as I was paying back my UK student loan (standard UK loan from the Student Loans Company), and should have gotten tax back for this.   Applicable law in question: "Staatlich gestundete Studienbeiträge, die erst nach Abschluss des Studiums gezahlt werden (sog. nachlaufende Studiengebühren), sind nach den allgemeinen Grundsätzen des § 11 Abs. 2 EStG im Jahr der Zahlung der gestundeten Beiträge und somit auch nach Abschluss der Berufsausbildung als Sonderausgaben abziehbar."   As tax declarations are complicated even for Germans, I used for the tax declarations and paid around 500eur for all 3 years.   Finanzamt said my loan repayments don't fall into the right category etc etc and the Lohnsteuerhilfeverein sent several widersprüche, back and forth, 5 times.   Finally my case ended up going to some deliberation department in the Finanzamt and after many months, I received and Einspruchsentscheidung that the einsprüche the Finanzamt received are "nicht begründet". On the same page they quoted the above law and I facepalmed very hard because UK student loans falls exactly under that category.   Now according to Finanzamt my only option is to do a Klage (so sue them?), and I have no idea whether it's worth it or not. Lohnsteuerhilfeverein thought I should get back around 3500 euros due to the student loan repayments.   Cherry on top is that Lohnsteuerhilfeverein took 3 weeks to forward the Finanzamt's final decision to me, which means I now have only until Friday to make a Klage.   So, questions: 1) are Klage costs more than the 3500 I stand to get back if the tax return works? 2) is there a chance I'll lose? 3) know any lawyers in Munich (or that work remotely) that I could use for this, or call and ask whether it's worth it?     (I still haven't sent the declaration for 2016 (last year of loan repayment), and it would be really funny if I get the money back from 2016 but not 2013-2015. Funny as in sad)   Any good advice is appreciated. Steph
  12. Tax return 2017 - easy questions

    Happy new year everyone!   Now let's begin the annual tradition...
  13. Importing capitals to Germany

      Hi All,   I am considering an offer in Doha. They will pay (quite) an higher wage than an average wage here, plus there is a taxation level close to 0% or 1%. But the point is that I am not sure of what will happen when I will come back to Germany with the money I will have earned in a relatively small number of years. I don't see myself there for long.   So, let's assume this hypothetical situation:   From Jan 1st 2017 I take my fiscal residence in Doha. On Jan 1st 2018 I take again my fiscal residence in Germany and I wire let's say 200.000EUR back to Germany. I can prove that the 200.000EUR are an income from work that was earned in Doha while I was not  a German fiscal resident.   What will be the position of the Finanzamt about those 200.000EUR? will they be taxed or not? If yes, how taxes will be calculated over them?   Thank you!!      
  14. Hi,   Scenarios    I and my wife both are working, and have separate bank accounts. All household expenses are paid from my account, and we use my wife's account balance as pure savings. When needed, we withdraw cash from my wife's account.   Now the question is, if we transfer money between the accounts , does that considered as a "gift to spouse" or would be simply considered as a normal transaction.   Thanks in advance! Christy
  15. Tax mess

    Hi all,   I just want to get this resolved and I apologise in advance if this is confusing!   I am from the UK and moved to Germany from 23/09/17 to 21/09/18. Throughout this year, I worked as self employed / freelance but I never registered for a tax number. For some reason I had assumed that I was going to continue paying tax only to the UK but now I read about becoming a tax resident etc... My client was in the UK and I only earned money from the UK. I'm looking for an accountant in the UK to help with working things out which I have not yet found. I am also trying to look for a German accountant and one was trying to charge me 900 euros which I don't have. I never invoiced with a Germany tax number on my invoices either, as I didn't know I had to at the time. I'm now deregistered from the city and living back in the UK. I want to pay the tax I owe to whichever country I need to.  It seems that by UK tax law, I am not a UK resident since I have been in the UK for less than 183 days during the tax year. By German tax law, it seems I am not a resident since I was in Germany for less than the required time for that tax year, however, 2018 it seems I might have to pay? I found this service "steuergo" which seems to be able to register me for a tax code even though I'm not living in Germany. Can I simply use this to file my German tax return? I have friends in Germany that would let me use their address for correspondence purposes.    What exactly should I do? My idea is to just use steuergo and register too pay the tax and file my UK tax after with the advice of an accountant with international experience. I simply can't afford German accountant fees. Thank you in advance!   
  16. Hello,   Maybe someone has already gone through the same process and knows to point me in the right direction.   I’m an Estonian citizen (EU) planning to move to Germany in May. I’m a freelancer with my own company that is registered in Estonia. I provide project management and project writing services in the audiovisual industry. The company is an ‘osaühing’ so equivalent to Gmbh or Ltd. I work for clients who pay me through Paypal. So technically the payment could come to my company’s account, but also to my private one.   I know that in EU there’s the law that you pay taxes in the country where you reside for more than 6 months per year. Now my question is – what is the best scenario (legally and financially) for me in this work situation?   - Should I pay myself as an employee in my company in Estonia, without deducting the Estonian taxes, and declare my income in Germany + pay taxes there? - Or, should I leave out my owning a company all together, and register as a private freelancer in Germany and declare all my income through my private Paypal? I’ve heard this might be more suitable to ‘one-man-shows’ like myself.   I know I should speak to a tax consultant, but it has proven hard to find one that speaks English. Perhaps any of you know of a good one in the Mannheim or Stuttgart area? I’m travelling back and forth until May, so would like to know all this before I finally settle down. I'm grateful for any help and information on this.   Thank you in advance!
  17. Hi,   I have just submitted Fragebogen zur steuerlichen Erfassung an hour ago and realized now that I have filled in the estimate income incorrectly. Basically I have just got my visa this year and don't event know when I will get my first client, I assume that I will start earning from 2019 but because of my bad German, I have incorrectly stated that in 2018 I will earn 10,000 Euro and in 2019 12,000 euro.   - Is there anyway that I ask finanzamt to get my form back and correct it? Or can I simply re-submit a new form?   - Would they interrogate me and make my life difficult when I submit my income declaration (that I earn barely nothing this year while I said I should earn 10,000?).   Also, in the form there is a date when I start working, becuse I don't know yet when so I fill in the date that I received my freelance visa (two months ago), but in fact I have not yet started working because I don't have any client. Would this be a problem?   Thank you and sorry for many question I am in panick attack again ughhh...   Best, N
  18. I need to file and extension and want to do it online. Does anyone have any personal experience using any of the following programs suggested by the IRS?   thanks   Free TaxACT® Free File TaxSlayer Free File Edition Online Taxes at TurboTax ® All Free (SM) eSmart Free File Edition FreeTaxUSA® IRS Free File Edition        
  19. Hi Everyone, First time poster here and just learning German so need some advice in English   I've just married a German resident. She is now eligible for citizenship and will be applying as soon as she gives up the other one. I would like to apply for residency so we can live in Germany together, at least for some time. I am a citizen of a 2 other non EU countries and am trying to figure out which country/passport to apply with. Do I have to declare both other citizenships when I apply for German residency?   My income is from abroad, and probably will continue for the next couple years or more. How would my income tax be regulated, do I have to pay in Germany as well if I have double or triple residency?  Does Germany share tax/employment info with other non-EU countries? I am just trying to find the best approach when filing for residency. The people here at the German offices haven't been too friendly to release information and I don't want to corner myself with bad initial choices.
  20. Tax ID, tax declaration, tax return

    Hi all,   I have tried to search regarding tax and while there are very useful information on this site I have not find the answer to my specific questions below so I would appreaciate any suggestion as I am a little bit in panic right now.   So finally after quite a hassle I managed to obtain my freelance visa (art related) last month! I am a non-EU. I still don't have KSK and tax ID, and I have not yet start working with any clients, and the problem is in two weeks I will have to fly to my country for a project (unpaid) for 4 months, so potentially I will have absolutely no income during this fiscal year.   The question is, that case should I still apply for tax ID (the number?) and KSK before I go? Can I do this after I come back? 2.Also, do I have to declare my income, file tax return to the Finanze Amt at the end of May 2019 considering that I have no income?   Something that might be a problem: I, however, did have payment coming in to my account a few times this year - about 3k, twice from my mom to support my living here while I was holding student visa from her personal account (Shouldn't be a problem?) - about 1.5k, one time from my dad to support my living here while I was holding student visa this is paid from his business account as he could save a bit from international wiring (I regret his choice and I am in panic that this might be a problem, as they might thought I worked for him?) - about 300, twice from my boyfriend via transferwise, to help me with expenses (I help him too sometimes) while I was on student visa - about 600, once from my friend, because he owed me. This is when I already have freelance visa.   3. Should the above be considered as my income? Should I declare them? and will I get in trouble if the FA see in my bank statement that I have money coming in (particularly the one from my dad)?   4. Would anyone please advice the legal and safe way to file my tax on this?   5. Unrelated issue, but can I abmeldung and cancel my insurance while I am away for 3-4 months?   Sorry for so many questions and any help would be appreciated as I am really worried now about how to file my tax next year.   Best, N
  21. Hello Everyone, I work for a Software company and i want to buy a macbook and some mobile devices that i have been using from past 3 years from my employer. My employer told me that they would include VAT in the price and that i would have to pay that as well. So i have the following questions regarding this.   1. Is there a way to avoid VAT for a device that i have been using for last 3 years ? 2. How much VAT do i need to pay ? 3. I thought VAT only applied to new stuff being sold not the old ones. 4. Will i be able to claim any tax refunds for the used laptop or devices that i would buy ?
  22. Hello Everyone, Some background: I have been employed in Germany for almost 3 years since December 2015. I got married at the end of 2016 (September) I declared my taxes for 2016 as Single. Her visa processing was slow and she hasn't joined me yet (at this time of writing) Now i would like to declare my taxes for 2017. Questions: Once my wife gets here and i change my tax class, Can i request tax reimbursement for all the time since i was married (till September 2016). How long can i delay tax declaration for previous year (2017) ? Is there any fines associated with it    
  23. I'm a freelance worker and applying for a loan in Germany. Because I've switched from employeed to freelance work the loan agent asked for proof of income for 2017 "Gewinnermittlung". Can anyone recommend an advisor that could write this on short notice (within 4 weeks)? Or if you are an advisor please feel free to DM or email me: annaoo at   many thanks
  24. Hello, I'm looking for an English speaking business tax advisor for some paid, urgent advice via the phone.   My situation: I live in Berlin, have company in Estonia (e-resident) which employes me as a board member and employee, I work partly remote, partly onsite in Berlin for several clients (IT advisor).   I have several tax questions, but the initial ones are: - Does my company need to pay any taxes/social fees/etc in Germany? - My Estonian accountant only handles the Estonian side of the taxes, and gives me the choice of how much I pay myself as board member (taxed in Estonia) and how much as an employee in Germany (taxed in Germany). We have to find out if that's a legal and tax optimal balance between those two (I.e. compare german employee taxes vs Estonian ones which i know). If you are able to help with this inquiry, please leave your contact details, and if possible your hourly rate. All the best, Andrew
  25. Hello, I'm looking for an English speaking business tax advisor for some paid, urgent advice via the phone.   My situation: I live in Berlin, have company in Estonia (e-resident) which employes me as a board member and employee, I work partly remote, partly onsite in Berlin for several clients (IT advisor).   I have several tax questions, but the initial ones are: - Does my company need to pay any taxes/social fees/etc in Germany? - My Estonian accountant only handles the Estonian side of the taxes, and gives me the choice of how much I pay myself as board member (taxed in Estonia) and how much as an employee in Germany (taxed in Germany). We have to find out if that's a legal and tax optimal balance between those two (I.e. compare german employee taxes vs Estonian ones which i know). If you are able to help with this inquiry, please leave your contact details, and if possible your hourly rate. All the best, Andrew