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  1. Dear Members, I have already asked a Tax Adviser about that, but have not gotten yet a definite answer, hence will be happy to have your input please. People living in DE and working in CH, not the so called "GrenzArbeit" who live in Lorach for example, but rather People doing HomeOffice from Munich, Koln or whatever in DE, need to pay the Taxes to the Germans unless they actually spend about 180 or similar figure, actually working physically from CH. That is all understandable and fair. Since Corona, there has been established a Swiss-German Temp. Agreement (which has just been extended to June 2022) which states basically, if I got it right with my German, but that is also what some of my Friends who benefit from that say, that these "180" Rule does not apply anymore during Corona, as Employees may wish to drive/fly and work in CH but unable due to obvious reasons. So according to people I know in Lorach for example, they pay now all Taxes to the Swiss even though they have not seen their Basel Office for 1 Year... Now I am trying to understand, If I live now in Koln for example, but I work for a Zurich based Company - can I also benefit from this temp. agreement? So already 1 tax adviser in CH told me sure i can. One in DE told sure you can not. I am confused... Any ideas? Sure I am looking for a tax adviser whom I will pay and will give me an educated answer with the relevant reference to the Law, but i am wondering if what i ask is even possible. Thanks for any tip+ P.S. any recommendation for a Swiss Advisor who can help with that? Or German High German / English . Anybody in the Forum here is providing these service maybe?