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  1. Hello   We have had an offer accepted on a German house. The seller is not using a Makler and has asked for a 1% reservation fee which essentially means we are committed to buying from them and they are committed to selling to us (regardless of higher offers). The sellers told us it was a first come first serve situation.   The house was built in 1962 and has the original roof. The gas boiler is from 2001. There is a slight slope when moving from one or the rooms to another. I couldn't see any signs of damp or mould but I assume these can be easily hidden. I don't know if subsidence is generally a problem with older houses in this area. It is Ostfriesland so practically a swamp.   I have done some research considering hiring a surveyor in Germany to check the property for major and minor issues. This is quite common in the UK and perhaps costs between 300-1500 depending on the detail of the survey.   Does anyone have experience purchasing a property in Germany and hiring a gutachter to perform a survey?