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  1. Topic split from: Coronavirus     I don't wish to burst your bubble (well... actually, yes, I really do), but "light smoking" is almost as dangerous to your health as heavy smoking.  The damages that are caused by one or two cigarettes do not increase in a linear manner like you would expect.  In fact, the damage caused by one or two cigarettes a day is only doubled when the person smokes an entire pack a day.  You might even notice that you don't feel especially worse off on days when you've smoked more.  Or those nights when you were young and smoked two packs in a night--you had a bit more of a cough the next day but weren't completely destroyed.  That's because your lung function is already significantly impaired by the first cigarette--those that follow are just following the path beaten by the first.  Also don't forget that smoking affects literally every organ in your body, not just the lungs.  Smoking can even cause hair loss and cognitive dysfunction.  And you get to the same place with one or two cigarettes as with a pack, in the same amount of time.  Scary stuff.   Honestly, this is what led me to quit.  I wanted to congratulate myself on having cut down to "only" four cigarettes a day--two with coffee in the morning and two at night.  I wanted to hear that it was basically harmless and that I had more or less already quit.  Yet, I couldn't find a single piece of evidence to relieve my conscience, and believe me, I tried REALLY HARD to find confirmation for my bias, for someone to tell me what I wanted to hear.  The more I read, the more freaked out I became.  For any "light smokers" reading this, I really encourage you to find out how bad light smoking is for your health.  The good news is that it should be much, much easier for you to quit than for a heavy smoker--so your restraint has some benefits after all.  However, you have to quit first before you can reap any of those benefits.  Otherwise, you might as well smoke more as smoke less.   After you quit, here is another sobering thought: Fully 90% of people who smoke "just one" return to smoking again.  That's why it's important to simply... never smoke again.  The tail of nicotine addiction is long.  You smoke for five minutes, but the nicotine receptors in your brain take months to go away again.  It's simply not worth it.   sorry for the long-winded PSA, just from one former "light smoker" to another--it's still not too late to determine what kind of middle age you are going to have.  I want to have a comfortable and healthy middle and old age and that's why I stopped smoking "lightly."   /lecture
  2. Staatsanwaltschaft legal support

    Hi all,   I was in Hamburg for a work event a couple of years ago, and since then every time I returned passport control took me aside and said the the police were looking for me and I needed to provide an address. I did this 3 times but never received a letter, and finally was able to get the passport control to give me reference number to call them with.   I had a German friend call and there is apparently some accusation with the Staatsanwaltschaft, but they would not divulge any details due to data protection. They again said they need me to call with an address for them to contact me through, but this has now been over 2 years of me providing that without receiving anything from them, and I really want to get this sorted.   Does anyone know of a bilingual legal support firm who might be able to help me with this? I did live in Germany for a few years and am very wary of making any moves without legal support to defend myself from whatever has been said against me.    Really appreciate any suggestions as this is really stressing me out.