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  1. Dear Friends,   I studied Industrial engineering in English. As I want continue to my career in Germany. I faced with some major terms in SCM area. I know probably what they mean if somebody explain. However as those words are german I did not understand to which englisch words do they correspond.   If you could explain those terms briefly (what do they mean, which tasks do they refer under supply chain and etc...)   together with direct english translations, that will be great help for me.   1- eskalationsmanagement 2- spedition 3- kommisionierung 4- disponent  (what is disponent but also what is the difference between it and einkauf, because one friend said that it is the same as einkauf)     Apart from that I would like to also ask what sachbearbeiter is in Germany?  For example I have bachelor + master.  If I apply to sacharbeiter position, will I be accepted for those kind of positions? and if so, will it be seem bad in my CV working as a sachbearbeiter?   Thanks in advance.