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  1. Hi all,   I just received a letter from the Ausländerbehörde, they intend to reject my application to renew my freelancer permit and demand that I leave Germany. I can respond within 4 weeks (by now only about two, as it's dated the 15th) with the required documentation. But it doesn't give any information about how to submit it.   There's an e-mail address for the person who wrote the letter. Is it usual (in Berlin) that one can correspond with them by e-mail, will they answer questions? Can I submit documents by email,  or post, or do I have to go and line up at 6am? The letter only says:     Last month I had an appointment to renew it, but I wasn't able to get my tax returns and proof of income from the Steuerberater sorted in time. They gave me a Fiktionsbescheinigung good until the end of the year, and said to make another appointment to bring it before the end of September. So this new deadline is a suprise, and the Steuerberater is still on his holidays until next week.   What can I expect if I can't get the documents to them in time, and I have to leave - how much time will I have? Will the Fiktionsbescheinigung be cancelled? I've been here more than ten years, so getting myself on a plane back home next month would be difficult to say the least.   Thanks for any insights...