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  1. Hi!   I just moved with my family (husband, 2 kids) to Stuttgart a few days ago.  We have a few questions.   Right now, I seem like I'm stuck on getting this Wohungsgeberbestatigung document.   We are in hotels and airbnbs trying to figure out where we should ultimately live.  Hopefully by September when my 7 year old can start in Grundschule.   My work permit will take some time.  To get started on the work permit, I need to go to a city agency and state that I live here.  To do that, I must get this Wohnungsgeberbestatigung signed by my landlord.  I'm in an airbnb right now and the landlord doesn't want to sign it because it carries some sort of consequences for him.  Understandable, so we are moving on.   But then the question is, where do we go to get this document signed?   Anyone have experience with this situation?   Thanks,   Keri Carpenter
  2. Hallo from China    We are moving to Stuttgart next summer with our 2 teenagers 12&14 . We're a French speaking family (mother tongue   with a good english level . The kids have always followed a French education in various Lycée français in Europe, US and Beijing There is no lycée français in Stuttgart so we were thinking to enroll them to an international school, like the International School of Stuttgart. Do you know this school? Would you recommend ?  We have beautiful (but very big !)  black labrador... would it be a very big problem to rent a house in the area of Degerloch ?    We are very excited with the move and of course learning German (my husband is fluent)    Thank you very much