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  1. Hi everyone,   I am from India. I came as a Masters student to Germany last summer. I started working in a firm as workstudent in software development and they offered me a full time job. I took the offer and changed my visa to EU Blue Card two months ago. I also have permission from my university to continue my Masters along with the job. So far so good.    But now I have realized that I am very unhappy in the job and want to resign in probation period (my bad I know). The main reason is that I am looking for a career change to a different field from what I have done so far. (Software development to technical management.)   My two options are to go back to student visa and start from the scratch or find an employer who will give me a chance for a career change on the existing visa. (Is there a third option?) Long story short I would like to get some info on the following.   1. What are the first steps to be taken if I decide to resign? 2. Is it difficult to go back to student visa from Blue card? 3. Since I am already enrolled for Masters do I need to go back to India first if the visa is changed?    Thanks for reading this post. I am really in a dilemma. I would appreciate your thoughts on it.