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  1. My wide and I have tax classes 5/3 as I work and she doesn't. She studies at the moment and she needs to buy materials and tools for her study (e.g. pen and paper or even a laptop). I was wondering if there is any regulation on having the tax she pays (as a student) for the above stuff returned?  If yes, then should she buy them with her own bank account? (which is still depended on my income)
  2. If a student wants to extend her study visa when her family is staying with her (spouse and the child), how much financial proof she needs to provide for the foreigner's office?  I know it is around 700 Euro per month for a single student, but how about for a family of 3?   Also, if I want to give an official commitment regarding her financial needs: "Jemand mit Wohnsitz in Deutschland verpflichtet sich gegenüber der Ausländerbehörde, die Kosten für dich zu übernehmen." how should I do that? Should I give an official declaration of support to a lawyer? or to somewhere else?