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  1. As reported in the newspapers, this seems to be an ever increasing possibilty if no deal Brexshit happens. I thought it might be useful to have a specific thread for updates. Knowledgeable and inventive people here may have ideas about what we can do. It seems that the biggest hurdle is being able to provide and prove a UK residential address, if I understand correctly.  Barclaycard for example will not accept a C/O address or a company address.   So far, for me, B'card has just shut down the cc account, even before the Nov 16th deadline.   Nat West has no information online or having spoken to the call centre. They seem to be doing wait and see.   I don't want to be caught out having to make arrangements for pension payments etc. at the last minute. I'll lose a lot of money with the crap exchange rate if I just transfer the balance here.    Any ideas? Open an account with an offshore bank? (expensive?) HSBC any good?