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  1. New Children's Podcast in German!

    Hey there everybody,   my wife and I started a german children's story podcast and we'd love to share it with you! It's called Die Abenteuer von Ilsa und Jetlag (The Adventures of Ilsa and Jetlag) and it's about our daughter, Ilsa, an outgoing 2 year old with an active imagination and Jetlag, her sloth best friend. The stories often center around our travels in our sprinter van throughout the US. Through thick and thin, the best friends are together and explore places big and small through Ilsa's perspective.   We've just released our 2nd episode, and are starting a more regular release schedule (approximately every 1.5 months).   YOU can help us today! What we really need are LISTENS, LIKES, SUBSCRIBES AND SHARES! Listen to it once. Then the next day, listen to it again with the sound off. Or with the sound on, your pick. The more traffic we get on our podcast, especially on Spotify and Apple Podcasts, the more likely we are to make it into the top lists and get our name out to more people. Share it with your friends, your Kitas and Kindergartens. Share it with your German language schools! Sure it's in German and some people won't understand very much of it (feel free to ask for the English translation so you can follow along!), but we need your help and support! Share our podcast on social media. We have a post on our instagram account (@thevankongs) about the new episode which you can add to your story or repost. Subscribe to our podcast on Spotify, on Apple Podcasts and on Soundcloud! The podcast is available in those places, as well as on Stitcher.   Spotify:   Apple Podcasts:   Soundcloud:   Thanks in advance for your help!     Phil & Kristin Kong Evergreen Vagabonds