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  1. Hi there...   Having worked many years in the UK but returned to Germany a while ago, I currently have the challenge to get my German pension record (Renten Versicherungsverlauf) in order for the entries posted by the UK DWP are, in part, completely wrong. I have already requested a "record of my UK national insurance contribution" but currently waiting for it so that once I have it, I can go to a pension adviser here in Germany (Rentenberater) who is familiar with the UK National Insurance system and who can liaise with the German Rentenversicherung on my behalf to get my German pension record sorted out. Any of you know, by chance, a Rentenberater who is also familiar in dealing in entry on the German pension record made by foreign entities, i.e. in my case made by the UK Department of Work and Pension? Help on this or contact details would be very much appreciated. Thank you for this in advance and sorry, if this has been discussed already elsewhere in the forum.