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  1. Hello!   I have been living in Germany for a bit, and I used to always us *cough* dodgy *cough* streaming sites because I am a huge TV/Movie fan. Hearing that they a tightening the law on streaming being a grey area I deicded to go for the legal route. I have picked Netflix as my first streaming site, however I wouldn't mind a secondary alternative. Which leads to quite a few questions.   1) What other site would you recommend that has a varity of good choices for somebody who watches all types of movies and shows in English of course but I would be keen on subtitles of other languages are involved.   2) I am really interested in Hulu but the "Only in the US" thing gets to me. Does anybody us it here whilst living in Germany?   3) How... Legal... Is... VPN on a stream site restricted to certain countries and how much of a risk would it be?   4) I hear that Amazon Prime is a good alternative but because of it only posting German only titles, what do you think about it and the interface as somebody who will be sharing their streaming account?   Love to hear back from anybody who has a two cent. Thanks if you do!