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  1. Yesterday (October 26th) I received a horrifying letter from the Staatenswaltschaft, which was bizarrely dated September 2.    The letter claimed I have a 3,500 euro unpaid fine, and I now owe 7,000 or risk imprisonment. WTF.    At first I was severely confused because, to my knowledge, I have never owed a 3,500 fine. Surely I would have heard about this before it escalated to a 7,000 fine/threat of detention?   I tried calling and couldnt get through to ask about it, and unsurprisingly the email address doesnt work. Basically means its impossible to reply (this morning I tried repeatedly to call again, but the number they provide doest even go through. what the hell)   Last night as I panicked instead of sleeping, I realised the sum is the same to an incorrect claim the arbeitsamt made back in 2019. The also said I owed 3,500 (I'm rounding here, but the exact sums were the same - down to the penny). So now I am assuming the two are connected, though I cannot be certain as the letter has no context (only a threat and an IBAN number) and I cannot contact them to clarify.    The thing is, back in August, I was under the impression the arbeitsamt realised their mistake (FINALLY, took 18 months for me to get them to examine the papers I gave them proving I was indeed unemployed) and corrected the claim from 3,500, down to 125. I paid that immediately, back in August, and wrote to them again for confirmation. I received the following letter from the arbeitsamt:   ''Ihr Anliegen habe ich geprüft und möchte Ihnen wie folgt Stellung geben. Mit Bescheid vom 18.12.2018 erhielten Sie einen Erstattungsbescheid in Hohe von 3577,32 Euro. Nach abschließender Klärung mit Ihrem Arbeitgeber zum Arbeitsbeginn, erhielten Sie mit Bescheid vom 01.06.2021 einen Anderungsbescheid zum Bescheid vom 18.12.2018 hinsichtlich eines korrigierten überzahite Betrages von nun nicht mehr 3577,32 Euro, sondem nur noch 125,52 Euro. Dieser Bescheid liegt zur Kenntnis in Kopie bei. Dieser Betrag ist bereits von Ihnen erstattet worden.''   I received the above letter on September 6. I interpreted it as "we finally spoke with your employer and now realise you don't owe 3,500, but only 125, and you already paid this by the time I am sending this letter." Am I wrong in. this interpretation?? Do I still owe them 3,500???   I am now terrified of the threat by the Staatenswaltshaft and frustrated there is no way to dispute it, and confused why the letter reached me almost 2 months after the heading claims it was written. I panic send the arbeitsamt 3,500 last night despite having received the letter from them it was only 125 (which I already paid) and am considering paying the staatenswaltshaft the other 3,500 to avoid wrongful imprisonment. However, the 7k here is will essentially financially ruin me as thats similar to the total amount I have in savings now.    I already contacted a lawyer, but they said it will take several days to respond.    My questions are: 1. did I interpret the letter from the arbeitsamt correctly? 2. if I pay now, do you think I can get my money back if my interpretation is correct and their demand is not legally valid? 3. any idea how I can reach the staatenswaltschaft and maybe get some answers about the origin of the claim, in case its not related to the arbeitsamt? again, it seems so strange to receive such a letter with no explanation, so I can only assume its related to the now-closed-claim by the arbeitsamt due to the sums being identical    pray for me...