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  1. Hello,    I am married to an EU citizen (I am non-EU), and just received a residency permit (Aufenthaltskarte) from Ausländerbehörde today.  I've only received the Aufenthaltskarte in green paper form (which seems very fragile), but nothing in the standard card form.  From what I've read on the web, it says that this paper form of document was used until 2011, and only the credit card sized Aufenthaltstitel is valid now.  They also didn't stamp any visa form on my passport either-- This green paper form of visa was the only thing I received. I thought the residency permit would come in an actual card form..  Any idea if this is a standard practice? Did anyone have a similar experience as me?  would this paper form of Aufenthaltskarte still be valid to travel around and such?    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.   Many thanks in advance!