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  1. Hello,   so basically my husband is a German national who was living in the UK but due to BREXIT has moved back to Germany in June.   I am a Canadian, and we are expecting a child in October. I have tried to make an application for a residence permit because I have 90days on a visa. Due to corona it has been very hard to get into contact with anyone at the immigration office and get an appointment. I have submitted all documentation for an application online and I have been emailed back from someone at the office asking me for an A1 German certificate. I had explained to her that I was not aware that I needed one because the embassy explained to me that I did not need one and that I should be able to apply for my residence permit in Germany once I arrive.   My question is, has anyone been through this situation before? I am really confused about the certificate, and if it is something I need I am really getting stressed out as I am in a high risk pregnancy and want to avoid all stress. Is there any other way around this?