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  1. Hi,   I am an international student(non EU) about to finish my masters in Germany after 3 years of studies and living in Germany. I am about to get married and also start Phd here in Germany. My wife is a also a non EU national, we plan to get married on October 6. I also plan to apply for a work residence permit from October 1.   Previously I thought that after marriage, bringing my wife would be fairly easier but one part on the expatica website got me confused.    "If you got married after your spouse was awarded a residence permit, you have to wait until your spouse has had the permit for two years before you can apply."   1) Does it mean that if our marriage is at 06.10.2019 and the Phd visa starts at 01.10.2019 then she will have to wait 2 years !!!!   2) Or does my time as a student(having 3 years residence permit for studies) mean that I have fulfilled the duration and now my spouse would not have to wait ?   If its the 1) then I would instead register marriage first and then start phd.   Can anyone help in this case ?  
  2. Hi all,    I've been waiting in long queues at the ABH/landratsamt to get some clarity on this topic. I know that spouse and kids can apply along with the main applicant but couldn't find info on whether they should also take up sprachkurs/test and more importantly the einbürgerungstest.   Also, We've been married only for about a year now. Are there any conditions on that?