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  1. Hi there indoor volleyball playing guys!   We are an international mixed volleyball team looking for a new -male- players to join our team.   About us: - We play Wednesdays and Fridays in  Neukölln. - We have a coach who comes usually on Wednesday  - We play 5-1 (rotation system) - We participate in hobby tournaments and also in the Freizeitvolleyball Berlin league in level 2B. (once a month we have a game or a tournament) - We like to go for beers after training - Our players come from all over the world - English is our main language during practice   About you: - 2B or BB skill level - Familiar with 5-1 system - Committed to coming regularly to practice - Willing to participate in tournaments (these often take place on Saturday or Sunday)   We’re a team that started as a social meetup group. Two years ago we formed a team and joined the TSC Berlin 1893 club. We take our trainings and the league/tournament games seriously but there is still a large social aspect to our team. If you are an experienced player and would like to join us for a beer or two sometimes after training, then we’d love to meet you!   Please let us know also which position do you usually play - you get bonus points if you play middle   Looking forward to your answers!   Kind regards, Darina
  2. Tennis players

    Hi all,   I´m 30, originally from Bournemouth in England but am now based in Munich (living near Gartnerplatz, working in Sendling). Looking for tennis players to play with, preferably once a week, either evenings or weekends. There are some cracking outdoor clay courts around and the indoor ones also look good. The public courts are between 8-15€ so not too pricy. I´ve played on and off for 5 years so standard is intermediate. Hope there is someone else out there who wants to play and of course enjoy the occasional beer!Best,Greg