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  1. Hello,   I will be working for a defense contractor in Germany next month under SOFA/TESA. The contract is for 2 years. My wife is a legal permanent resident (Green card) in USA and she will be living with me in Germany as a SOFA dependent. If she wants to apply for expedited naturalization under INA Section 319(b), 1. Is defense contractor considered a qualifying employment abroad under this clause: ? 2. Can she apply right away showing my contract for 2 years as proof or she has to wait for one year before applying?     If anyone went through this process and can give me guidance, that will be helpful.   Regards
  2. Sofa to give away

    Maybe someone needs a sofa, it's a bit worn off, but will be fine if you throw something over it. Quite comfy. Dimensions 190x100x80. Pick up at Wettersteinplatz.
  3. Active duty to SOFA status

    I am currently active duty looking to stay in Germany after I ETS in about a year. I read that I can maintain my SOFA status by getting a job on base. Does anyone know any good websites for these jobs? Also in terms of a timeline how far out from my ETS should I apply?
  4. Selling a very practical and comfortable corner sofa with sleeping function   See : for all details. The long piece also pulls up and has storage inisde   Only 80 Euro if picked up this week
  5. Functional Sofa Bed

    We are selling a functional sofa-bed, perfect for those occasional guests   Price: 90€. Brand: Bonaldo (Italian Design) Size bended: 160x90cm Size open: 160x190 cm Color: Brown Condition: Good check the pictures:  
  6. We bought the megasofa from Mömax. We couldn't use it. Our stairs were too narrow, so we couldn't bring the sofa (W/H/D 233/80/142) to our desired floor. We are now selling in the original packaging, approx. 1/3 of our purchase price (799 euros).Fabric cover: gray, white, turquoise including 7 cushions. I can't upload photo due to file size restriction. For photos pls send a message to me.  
  7. Sofa for free

    Sofa for free, some minor upholstery damage but nothing serious.    Good for a student maybe, was good to me in my student years   Pickup in Laim, email me at   Either it goes for free or is dumped by 29.09.2020