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  1. U.S. Social Security

    Hi everyone, I would like to obtain more information about USA Social Security pensions for expats living in Germany More specifically, the rules and regulations on retiring in Germany with 2 pensions: USA Social Security pension and German Rente (pension). My situation is that I will retire at age 62 with a USA S.S. pension after having working 22 years with a German company here in Germany. My health insurance is public (statutory). I will receive a German pension at age 67. The Deutsche Rent has sent me information but there is very little info. available about how the 2 pensions will be regulated. I am aware of how the taxes work, Totalization Agreements, so I do not need more info. on that topic. I've asked the USA SSA - Social Security Administration - for more information, but they only refer me to their website links in emails. Firsthand experience from U.S. retirees in Germany would be very welcome! (Searching online? I have searched everywhere and come up with very little)   Does anyone have specific experience or specific knowledge concerning:   1. USA S.S. WEP - Windfall Elimination Provision: if one collects a USA S.S. pension and a foreign pension, the USA S.S. may be reduced by up to 40%. 2. Working during retirement: in the U.S. there is a maximum income limit imposed by the SSA "How We Deduct Earnings From Benefits. In 2021, if you're under full retirement age, the annual earnings limit is $18,960. If you will reach full retirement age in 2021, the limit on your earnings for the months before full retirement age is $50,520." What are the limits if one is a resident in a foreign country, like Germany? (Someone indicated that the income thresholds above do not apply, but that Americans are limited by work hours/month - something like 45hours/month?) 3. Health Insurance: if a person retires early with USA S.S. pension - before age 67 -  how is their German health insurance affected? If the person is obligated to pay on their own, would they re-enter the public health system at age 67, when they collect their German pension?   Thanks very much!
  2. Hi,   I have income both from a UK job, and from a job in Germany. The German employer has deducted health and social security contributions ignoring the income I had from the UK employer. However, the UK employer has now decided that I ought to have paid German health and social security contributions off the income they paid me, as I am resident in Germany. (Previously they had just been charging me national insurance etc.)   Is my UK employer correct? At present, I have already had the maximum possible amount deducted by my German employer, so I really should not have to pay anything extra. But I can believe it is possible that I might have to pay something to the UK employer and then claim the same amount back from my German employer. Is this right? How do the contributions get split between the two, when above the maximum salary for contributions?   Thanks in advance,   Tom