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  1. I am married to a German and have been living here for some years.  I have about seven to ten mid-sized boxes of heirlooms stored at my mother's, and she wants to ship them to me.  It is too much to send via airmail/USPS but not enough for a standard crate.  Does anyone know of a way/company I can ship them?  They are located in Los Angeles (I live in Berlin).  I also would like to know how I can import them without paying customs...there must be some kind of allowance for relocation?  Any help would be much appreciated!
  2. Hallo there, What is the cheapest way to  send 4-5 boxes ( 50X39X36) of books and cloths from Cologne to Warwick, UK ? Am not in a hurry. any tips for a cheap way to send ? cheers Mathew