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  1. I want to order a dress from US, and the website says that they'll send it without any shipping cost. But, I wonder how much I need to pay when it arrives in Germany? I'm not sure about the exact term, is it the costume tax or duty? Or the delivery tax? Is it possible to estimate the cost? 
  2. Moving Expenses from USA

    Hello, all. I have posted here before about me and my husband's upcoming move to the Hamburg/Lübeck area this summer. He is currently going through negotiations with his company for things like, relocation assistance. Has anyone else moved from the United States who could give me a ballpark of what we should be asking for? There's only two of us, and we won't be bringing much furniture with us, but things like pictures, clothes, a small desk, etc. will still be (what I anticipate) a lot of money to ship internationally. What kind of relocation assistance did your company give you? Do you have any services or companies you would recommend?   Thanks!
  3. I need to send my documents to an embassy including my passport and some forms, so I want to make sure the package does not get any damage on its way. I noticed the normal A4 envelopes are thin and I'm afraid they are that safe for sending such documents. So, I was wondering what is the proper option and what is the German term to find it in the local stores.   Also, do I need to send it as a Päckchen or a Paket?