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  1.   Hope someone can advise our next steps now.  We are the sellers of a house in Berlin as we have relocated to Sydney.  We signed the purchase/sell contract the first week of July and the buyer was supposed to put the money in our account on the 2nd September.  At this point we were still living in Berlin.  The money did not arrive and after speaking to the buyer, he assured us that we would get it by the end of the week.  We believed him as he is a brother of a neighbour.  He is a wealthy man ( multi, multi millionaire) who owns many practices in Berlin and who wanted the house for a family member.  We were extremely unhappy though as we had planned to transfer the money to Australia that week having set up with a foreign exchange company.  We flew to Australia that week as planned once we had signed the house contract. Since then the exchange rate has fallen considerably since the day we had planned to send the money so will get significantly less for our money when the buyer eventually pays. We found out the delay was caused by the buyer bundling this house in with another project of his at the last moment and financing with a different bank at the last moment although his initial finance offer was just for our house and was with a different bank.  So he caused the delay himself by looking to maximise his profits at our expense. We will get a daily late payment fee but this is negligible  due to low interest rates and does not come close to covering what we will have lost due to the now lower exchange rate.  In the contract there is a clause saying the buyer must also pay additional expenses caused by the delay but it is a general statement. We have written to the buyer asking him to cover the difference between the amount the exchange rate was when we planned to send the money and what it will be when we finally get the money claiming this under additional expenses.   After many emails sent by us that went unanswered by him, he finally replied yesterday saying he has transferred the money (15 days late) and will pay the late payment fee. ( not yet shown up in our account). He never answers our emails about the additional expenses.  So my question is : as additional expenses can we claim the difference between the exchange rate we would have got when we wanted to send the money and the exchange rate we will get when we finally get the money and send it? For us it is an awful lot of money.  Are there any other steps we should be taking at this stage? Hope someone can advise.  We really believed we could trust this man and the stress all of this has caused is terrible.