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  1. Another Self Employment Tax question

    Hello knowledgable TT people. I have a sort of specific and random tax question. I looked around on here and even used my amazing Google skills before posting another thread on an often covered topic but did not find an answer.   I am an American living here in Germany. I have no plans to return to the states to live. I have been researching opening an ecommerce business (a store) online for a while and am planning on biting the bullet this year and opening the store from here in Germany. I am more or less retired and dont need the profits from the store to live so I plan on saving any profits. I will be opening an LLC in the states, opening an American bank account and keeping any and all profits in said American bank account. The store will not ship to europe and I do not plan on wiring any of the profits to my German Sparkasse account.   I am wondering if I need to claim any profits with the Germans tax wise. I asked an American tax person who lives and operates here and files my American taxes and he believed I did not but he was not 100% sure. I know how the Germans operate and im sure if I ask the Finanzampt they will tell me yes of course I need to file because they want the money. Would this just fall under Progressionsvorbehalt? Do I need to claim it with them? I wanted to ask here first before I shell out a few hundred euros to a German/ American tax person for an answer.   Hypothetically (please dont lecture me on morality), say I did need to pay taxes on this money, what would be the chances of the germans finding out I ran a business in the states from here and was making an income if said income never showed up here? Does the IRS report American bank accounts to the Germans the same way they report my Sparkasse account to the Americans? Just curious. I know tax avoidance/ fraud is punished severely here. Thanks!