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  1. Was thinking of getting an Electric scooter, for zipping round Munich..   But then thought, I bet a German City like Munich would have rules that need to be followed !   Anybody know anything about it, like can you ride on cycle lanes etc, are lights required, any maximum speeds are you aloud to ride on the street,
  2. Moving sale

    Hello, since we are moving out of Germany, we have some furniture - sofabed/couch, table with chairs, PC table and chair, bikes and scooters for kids, ski and boots for kids, children beds, lights...for sale and also will have some older chairs to give away. Please, see the attached album with pictures.   We are still adding some more, so you are welcome to check back in couple of days. Also, if there is anything you are looking for, just ask, there is a chance we might also have it:-) By the mid August, there will be also some kitchen stuff, washing machine...available.   If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me - by PM. Thank you for looking.  0