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  1. Would love some feedback on the best private / international schools in the area..  Siemens is next door so I would this school is math & school heavy   Thanks!
  2. Life in Maintal Hochstadt

    Hi All,   I am relocating with my new job and I am planning to live in Maintal hochstadt. Is there anyone living in Maintal hochstadt ? I would like to know how easy is it to commute to Frankfurt ? Is it best to drive or use the public transport ? I have noticed the limited RB connectivity from Maintal Ost Station. Also , Hows the Schools around ? I see that there is a Grundschule in Hochstadt. But then any idea how the Albert-Einstein-Gymnasium is ? Or is there any other  Upper schools / Gymnasiums which can be reached by bus in the nearby  ? It would be great if anyone can shed some light into these two points.   Thanks, DS ,