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  1. Believe it or not but  we have been offered a place at both, Nelson Mandela and Charles Dickens school for my son.   I now do not know which one to choose. I do not really have a personal preference and distance-wise it is about the same.   There a quite a few bad things posted in this forum about Nelson Mandela school, namely it being chaotic and not very strict. We already had a chaotic nursery so I am a litle weary. I prefer a school that is strict with high academic standards.There were some bad things said about the sports facilities at Nelson Mandela. Can someone elaborate on that?  I mean I have been to the school and know space is tight there. Where do they do PE?     There are some advantages from a practical point but I want the best for my child.   Nelson Mandela has a school bus which would help me a lot in the mornings as I am a single parent working full-time. I know it is expensive but I would be wiling to swallow this bitter pill. Nelson Mandela also offers the choice of Spanish AND French from year 5. Once at Nelson Mandela I am secured a place at a bilingual school for the entire school life for my son. I also heard that the new site at Babelsberger Str. is quite chaotic but I do not know yet which site we were allocated.     Charles Dickens only offer French from year 5 but the school is said to have a high academic standard. I also heard it is not guaranteed that pupils transfer to Schiller Gymnasium after they finished primary school at Charles Dickens. I also read that a few years back Charles Dickens school did not have enough English native speaker pupils at some point. I cannot believe that this is still true.   I would also like to know if Nelson Mandela is full of arrogant parents (I am only asking I am not saying there are). The secretary was quite arrogant to me once but I think she has left now.   One other thing I need to know if there is a big difference between being schooled in the German or English stream? I understand there is only a difference in the first 2 years when the children learn to read and write. My son has one German and one English-speaking parent but he was chosen for the English stream at Charles Dickens and the German stream at Nelson Mandela. I am not too concerned if he learns to read and write in English or German first. If later on he would learn more English in the English stream I would be happy but as I understand Charles Dickens school mixes the classes 50/50.     I am happy to hear from parents who can give me some objective facts. I understand that you may vote for the school your children attend.   Thanks a lot for your comments          
  2. Hello,   We will be moving to Berlin next year with our daughter, who is in 4th grade. We are interested in BBIS and BIS and would very much hear some feedback about both schools.