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  1. Where to live in North Munich

    Dear all,   We've still been looking for a place for our family (2 adults + 2 children) to live in Munich from July this year. A lot of discussion on where to live with family is rather outdated in this forum, so I thought I might start a new thread and see if I can get some more relevant information.   We are currently considering North Munich as it more convenient for my husband to commute to work. We've been looking at this map and trying to locate a nice area with good schools etc, although this map is based on data from 2013. It seems like schools in areas such as Neuhausen, Obermenzing, Allach-Untermenzing,  and Feldmoching are fairy good, which is also correlated to higher social index. So my first question is, can any people currently live in those areas share their experience in living there?   Another interesting area we would like to consider is North Schwabing just below the Frankfurter Ring (new development area Domagpark). According to the map, both the social index and school are at the lowest Quintil, but I think as the data is a bit outdated and it's a new development, it might not be reflecting the current situation there? So my second question is, do any people know what's like living there at the moment and has the school improved since 2013?   Thank you in advance! Your help will be greatly appreciated!