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  1. Hello wise ones, I hope some of you that have lived in the region longer can help me. Me and my daughter are dual US/German and have lived in the US until 3 months ago. She is bilingual as it was easy for me to speak German to her at home and have her learn English in school, but her English is diminishing fast now that she goes to a german Kindergarten.   I'm looking for options of where to meet English speaking families, join clubs or even take courses. We live in the Malsch/St.Leon-Rot/Wiesloch area. Everything I find is pretty far. Both bilingual schools are in HD and expensive an it would take me 1h+ to bring her and go to work, so I don't think it's practical... Ideally I would love to find her a native speaking friend or even babysitter, but I don't know where to look... I tried and even paid to sign up and not one of the 5 people I contacted answered me even.   How do you make sure your kids keep up their English? (I guess I#m kind of in a special situation since my mother tongue is German. I work full time and only see my daughter 2-3h a day in the evening and do not want to talk English with her all the time If you know of any club or someone with a teenager who would like to babysit or families with kids in my area, can you get me in touch?   Thanks for all advice! Janine  
  2. Hi! Does anyone here has kids in the IMS Wannsee school? How do you like it? Or maybe you know someone who has kids there? Any reviews, info? Can't seem to find hardly any opinions online...  Highly appreciated. 
  3. Hey everyone, We will move from Chicago to Heidelberg on December 16th, 2019. Our son will be 12 years old in December, and I am searching for a school for him, I already contacted some of the private ones. HPC - Schulen (Gymnasium) offered us to take him as they have availabilities. Not sure if this is a good choice, to be honest, International School Heidelberg would be a better choice, but we have to pay it ourselves, and it's expensive if the company doesn't pay it. Our son speaks German; he was born in Hamburg. We moved when he was 6 years old to Chicago. He makes some grammar mistakes while speaking German, but it's not too bad, I am more concerned about that he can't read and write in German. There is maybe another option at the Heidelberg College Gymnasium. Also, the Englisches Institut Heidelberg sounds excellent. I sent over an application and email already with them. Has anyone school kids at the HPC Gymnasium or heard anything about them? Thanks so much!
  4. Separation and everyday decisions

    Hello,   I have a question on handling “everyday” decisions regarding the kids. I did previously meet a lawyer and she mentioned as long as I don’t take our child somewhere her father can’t see her at least every 2 weeks, everyday decisions are the mother’s right. But I do have to inform him about important things. Does this apply if, for example, her father and I disagree on which gymnasium she should go to? Who has the final word? There are no rational reasons for the disagreement, just ego and making his life easier vs mine. Both schools are in the same city.