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  1. Hi! Does anyone here has kids in the IMS Wannsee school? How do you like it? Or maybe you know someone who has kids there? Any reviews, info? Can't seem to find hardly any opinions online...  Highly appreciated. 
  2. 24 day absent rule for schools?

    Hi,   My son´s school told us that a student that has more than 24 absences per year, including sickness, is not allowed to move on to the next year. They claim it is a state rule and that sick days also count. Is this even remotely true?? Does it make any sense with the current corona situation? i can´t believe it to be true, as for example a 2x 14 day quarantine would flunk a student!
  3. Gymnasium

    Hi guys. On summer I am moving to Munich. My question is what are the best "Gymnasiums" in Munich. I am straight A student, I have interest in computer science(fluent in C, Python ...) and physics. Please answer if you can help me.   Kind regards, Mihael Beljo
  4. Hi Everyone,    We will be relocating to Düsseldorf in the summer and my kids will be attending public school. We want to focus our apartment search on areas with great public schools but we aren't really sure where to find this information. We would also be open to living in a suburb if the schools are good and it's not too far away from the city. We will be living in the area permanently so the schools are really important to us.   Does anyone have any advice on which neighborhoods we should focus on? Are there any resources that rank the schools? It's also ok if the information is in German. Thanks so much!!!!!      
  5. Hello, We are starting with the expedition to search for a school for our daughter. There are plenty of options that we found but at the same time none. We would prefer that she goes to a state school given that she is in a private English kindergarten but not sure what are the possibilities here. Appreciate any assistance or recommendations.   Easiest would be starting in a bi-lingual school until she grasps the German language and then moves to a German school. There are Phorms and Accadis. Anyone has experience with these schools, which might be better than the other and why? Although most of the kids in her class go to Phorms, I am not sure to decide based on only the other kids. It would be definitely nice to have familiar faces around but not sure if this is enough.   Another option is to go to German private schools and I don't think there are lots of options. The ones that I found are Anna-Schmidt Schule in Frankfurt and Ecoschool in Schmitten. Both look good. Anna-Schmidt doesn't have a preschool which means that she has to wait for an additional year at the kindergarten. Ecoschool is also good but I am not sure if Montessori is the direction. She is in a Montessori kindergarten and it is great but some say that kids don't learn that much if they have the option not to.   As for state schools, we are willing to move anywhere in Frankfurt, Bad Homburg, etc.. if we know that there is a good school with Vorschule. It might be the optimal theoretical option where she'll fit in the society, learn the language and save some or even lots of expenses.   Thank you in advance and looking forward to your replies!