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  1. Hi,   My family and I are moving to Basel (German side) in the middle of the year.  We would like to live in Lorrach, Grenzach Whylen or surrounds, however I am concerned about schooling options for our children. We have a 10 and 8 year old, both of whom speak very little German, despite having a German father.  We cannot afford an international school.  I am mainly concerned about our 10 year old, as she will be going into gymnasium. They are bright kids and I'm sure they will be fine in time, however I'm trying to make the transition as smooth for them as possible. It's our intention to stay long term.   Has anyone been in a similar situation and had either good or bad experiences integrating their children into the schools in that area? Does anyone know of any particular gymnasium in the area that is more English "friendly" than others?  Thanks in advance.
  2. If you are looking for an English-speaking music school for your children or for you, International Music School, Munich is a private music school in Munich, providing high quality music education (different instrumental lessons available) for children, adolescents and adults.  According to the availability of our teachers, lessons can be scheduled on Monday to Friday from 15:15-19:45 at AuGlobal e.V. Paulanerplatz 10, 81669 München. For more information and for enrollment please see website: Lola & Isabelle
  3. Gymnasium

    Hi guys. On summer I am moving to Munich. My question is what are the best "Gymnasiums" in Munich. I am straight A student, I have interest in computer science(fluent in C, Python ...) and physics. Please answer if you can help me.   Kind regards, Mihael Beljo
  4. "Learn to read" games in German

    My partners; 6 year old Tri-lingual kid (German, Icelandic and French) is learning to read and he was very excited about the process when he used an English game called ""   Are there any German equivalents? Fun, funny, simple, designed for education and very addictive to play? Cheers -  Clem
  5. Hi everyone,  Would appreciate your help here. I live and work in Germany with a permanent residence title (Niederlassungserlaubnis). My daughter was born on the 20th of Oct. 2012. The daughter and her mother lives abroad and will be visiting here next week. I plan to apply for a residency title for them here as they will be visiting oft every and later we all settle here.   My question, when my daughter enter Germany she wont be under the mandatory school attendance (Schulpflicht ) until Sept. 2019. Is my understanding right?   And if I happen to de-register her before the mandatory date reached and then she travels abroad. Would there be any special procedures to follow or simply submit a deregistration form  per mail?   Thanks in advance!!