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  1. Hello. I have just arrived in Germany and plan to stay here for the winter (whether that means up until 31.12 or beyond to March).   I am a UK passport holder and obviously crossed the border without getting any visa stamp as it is the transition period.   Because I hope to stay for longer than the remaining two months of the year, I went to the local Rathaus and registered. I bought travel-health insurance for the maximum amount of time into 2021.   I have two questions:   1. Ideally, I would like to use my Schengen time (90/180?) from 1 Jan 2021, but I am not sure how this is done. The only official information I have received from writing to organisations is advice to contact the local aliens authority (“Ausländerbehörde”). For where I am currently living, it would be Hannover, and I am just about to do that. Because from 1 Jan 2021, I will be here without any stamp in my passport, no proper residence visa, etc. Is anyone on these boards in a similar situation?   2. I would like to find a way to stay on Germany for longer, get some form of official status. But it seems to me I am stuck as I have no reasons in the eyes of the law. The only things going for me are I am 50 (Ruhestand-Visum?) and can support myself (I am self-employed as a writer and have around 300K of savings).   Any advice or sharing of experiences would be welcome. Kind thanks in advance.