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  1. Be careful buying/selling on Vinted

    I suppose the title says it all but up until two days ago I had never found myself in such a situation.   I am a big vintage clothing and handbag fan. I have been updating my wardrobe for the last month or so and I've been purchasing items from various sources including second-hand websites like Vinted.   I have also sold gently used items on Vinted for the last year. I have never had any issues as a buyer or occasional seller.  Last week I bought a handbag on Vinted. I should have stopped and considered that the seller, being review-less, was selling something too good to be true.   Long story short: the seller supplied the Vinted system a DHL tracking number for a completely different product, completely different person and completely different part of Germany. ...and the best part: the number was for a product that had been delivered two days before I even made my purchase.   I called DHL to confirm this is what has happened. I made screenshots of the falsified tracking number, the seller’s profile and the email confirming my purchase on the date in question. The reviews of their customer service are not good, and I doubt I will get any kind of result but I don’t want others to be scammed.   I read about Vinted on Trustpilot, and it seems this scam has really picked up within the last few weeks. The platform seems to have fallen prey to a lot of scammers and the company seems to have done little to nothing about it.   It’s a shame because Vinted has been decent up until this point and I think a vast majority of the people on site are honest people just looking to declutter/shop sustainably.