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  1. I've joined this new company last year June. Since then I've the same salary. Is it normal in Germany? It's a small company of under 20 employees. My other friends in other companies got a standard 2-4% increase already. Shall I wait a bit more and see if my boss does this automatically or shall I ask explicitly for a raise? Does asking for a raise in any term risks my job?
  2. Hi everyone,  I was offered a contract at a University in NRW and the person in charge of the project budget had said that it would be TV-L E13 stufe 4, and that the Grossbrutto (not normal Brutto, but with the employer's contributions included) would be 80,000 euros per annum. I am not sure what that amounts to Netto, and cannot find a calculator online that converts from "super gross" to net salary (or even "super gross" to gross salary).  Do any of you know of such a converter, or could you perhaps offer me a ball-park figure for either? I am an unmarried EU citizen with no children and no illnesses or other issues that would cause larger than average insurance, pension etc. (and I plan on opting out of Church Tax). Any help gratefully received! Lewis 
  3. Good day everyone!   I read lots of posts on here and just need a bit more guidance.   Long story short, I have a family of four (that's including me) so wife and two kids. We all live in the states and are citizens. We want to move to Germany. I might have a potential job offer from a family member and they are offering to pay 2,000euro/month GROSS.    With that being said, I have read that for a family of four you would have to receive NETTO 1,900-2,200 to get a family reunification visa granted. Is this true? I would really like a link that is official that has some sort of information on this and or some table that shows these figures.   Also, I will have more than enough money on savings to cover all of our expenses for a few months so does that help? Finally, does anybody know what is the timeline to process family reunification visa for citizens from the states? Does one first have to wait and get six pay stubs and the apply or does this not matter as long as you have the money and place to bring them?   I'd really appreciate the help!!
  4. Hi   I am newb here, and thanks for all your useful info here.   I had two telephone interviews in the UK with an internation company based in Ismaning and next week I will have a face to face interview. I have a master of computer science degree with 8 years of Oracle/ SQL server dba, data analysis and reporting /BI experience. So far that company is willing to pay 50000 euro + bonus +relocation package. I was told the income tax is very high in Germany, so do you think this salary is fair and enough for myself (married, but my wife is not with me at the moment)??   Thanks for yout time!!