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  1. According to this:   IG Metall is proposing a shorter working week. The left is also asking for the same. In general I am against it, as it will lead to smaller salaries. The current system is fine: if you want to work less, you can negotiate and do part time. But if 30h is the new normal, it might also mean the maximum number of hours is reduced below 40h. I´m also against it as the current low unemployment would mean that companies would have a hard time finding workers.   My questions: - would this affect everyone or just union contracts? - If they get a permanent 30h working week, does this mean the maximum negotiable would be below 40h? Would this apply for older contracts also?   Basically, if they reduce my working hours and corresponding salary, I would have to leave the country, it doesn´t pay off any longer. I would make more money as a remote contractor working 40h.
  2. I've joined this new company last year June. Since then I've the same salary. Is it normal in Germany? It's a small company of under 20 employees. My other friends in other companies got a standard 2-4% increase already. Shall I wait a bit more and see if my boss does this automatically or shall I ask explicitly for a raise? Does asking for a raise in any term risks my job?