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  1. Hi   I am newb here, and thanks for all your useful info here.   I had two telephone interviews in the UK with an internation company based in Ismaning and next week I will have a face to face interview. I have a master of computer science degree with 8 years of Oracle/ SQL server dba, data analysis and reporting /BI experience. So far that company is willing to pay 50000 euro + bonus +relocation package. I was told the income tax is very high in Germany, so do you think this salary is fair and enough for myself (married, but my wife is not with me at the moment)??   Thanks for yout time!!
  2. Hi all, Me and my boyfriend are planning to move from Leipizg to Berlin. I will have a new job there and I have all the docs which are commonly required for renting an apartment (last 3 pay slips, SCHUFA etc). The problem is that he currently doe not have a job and therefore he doesn't have such docs  himself. How can we successfully rent a place? Would be better to have a friend acting as guarantor or should I sign the contract and later add him, once he finds a job? Thanks! S 
  3. Hello Leute,   Is 65000 euros a good salary for a 9 years experience software engineer in  Deggendorf ,Germany?     Thanks, ajaj
  4.  As a recent M.Sc. grad from a German uni I've been applying to companies and going to job interviews, but due to some bad advice I severely under-aimed in terms of salary expectations. As such, I received a corresponding offer at a company with a salary of €2800 brutto, which I accepted (but not yet signed the contract for), and then just now I came across this article:   which suggests a Einsteigergehalt of €3300-3600 brutto (architecture). And mind you, this office is in Hamburg, the 2nd most expensive city. And I'm technically not even a fresh grad, having about 1.5 years of experience back in the US (but perhaps isn't really transferable here)   As I've already said yes to the offer (given them a copy of my visa during second interview, but not yet signed the contract, which they just sent to me via post to sign), is it ethical to request a higher salary at this point, or perhaps request a clause in the contract prompting a salary increase after the Probezeit? I feel like they already know they're lowballing me, so I feel it isn't too bad. But still.   To add, I'm not too invested in this offer (although the office is nice). My reason for moving to DE was for a graduate degree, and now that's achieved I'm perfectly okay with moving back stateside and progressing professionally there - continuing to work in DE is a plus, but obviously much rather not as a penny-pinching student.
  5. I'm currently planning a relocation between two cities and just completed a round of interviews with a few companies, and received two offers, one of which I'm fairly happy about. Thing is, during the interview they asked me what my current salary was, which only lied a little (i.e. fairly accurate) and their offer reflected literally that number (€2700 brutto, I'm in architecture if anyone might know the standard for that) - i.e. no proposed salary raise. (unrelated question, but I have a feeling that is NOT a good sign...?)   Anyway, when they told me this over the phone I just kind of went "oh cool" and asked for a few days to consider my options. The other offer (in a city that I less prefer) has a higher salary proposed. Given these circumstances, and given that I'm a junior applicant (recent M.Sc.) with probably no leveraging, how likely is it that I mention the competing job offer and request a slightly higher salary (i.e. €3000), and they laugh and rescind the offer?   Happy to provide more info as needed; thanks for the feedback!