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  1. Flying Ryanair in November 2018

    I live in Graz, and want to fly from Vienna to Dublin. Out Thu 1 Nov, Back Mon 5 Nov.   Laudamotion which is part of Ryanair have convenient cheap flights. It appears that only 1% of flights are affected by the strikes, and Ryanair cannot go for weeks with this uncertainty? Bratislava-Dublin is also operated by Ryanair.   The next closest city with convenient, reasonably non Ryanair priced flights is Zurich an overnight train ride away.   So do I risk it, and hope they fly. Theoretically if the flight is cancelled I understand the airline is required to get me to my destination by whatever means necessary in a reasonable timeframe, although I'm aware Ryanair has tried to pull a fastone coeercing stranded pasengers into just accepting a full refund.   Then again if you're stuck in an airport, getting Ryanair to do anything for you required or otherwise without a pet lawyer by your side is probably a frustrating experience. In particular I notice all their call centre numbers are 0900. Being left on hold for 2 hours on a 0900 number would be a new exercise in frustration.   So do I just risk it and book?