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  1. When we were moving from one place to another during the last summer, we had a one-month gap between moving out of the old flat and moving to the new flat. Also, the new and old apartments were located in different towns. As it was during summer, we went abroad on a one-month vacation. So, during July we were not in Germany and had no place rented/owned here. Also, during that time, all our stuff was kept in the storage of the transport company and at our friend's house.  I asked for an exemption from paying the Rundfunkbeitrag for July, but they said that we still have to pay the fee for that month because we had not made an Abmeldung by Einwohnermeldeamt!  Can anyone please explain to me what is the exact regulation regarding situations such as above? 
  2. Hello,  After 4 years as untermieter in a house, I moved in another place as Hauptmieter more than a year ago and I changed anmeldung two months ago only (my fault). Now I receive a bill from Rundfunkbeitrag asking me 900+EUR including all the costs of the previous 4 years.  In the previous house, I signed a subletting contract stating my rent and that "all additional costs (nebenkosten) to be paid by the main tenant are included". Once I registered there with anmeldung, I received a bill from Rundfunkbeitrag, and my Hauptmieter said he would have sent them a letter stating that we are living together and thus I didn't have to pay. The problem is, this Hauptmieter never paid these bills and now they are charging me (very likely, he has never sent that letter). Since this person is not reliable nor reasonable, I know that he will refuse to pay, to give me his Rundfunkbeitrag ID number, or even to confirm to Rundfunkbeitrag what has been verbally agreed between us. Is it sufficient to send them a copy of my contract, or is there a specific procedure to apply? Thanks in advance!
  3. 18 Euros a month will be levied on every household whether they have a TV or radio or if they sit shivering in the cold because they can't afford to heat their apartment let alone enjoy the wonders that only ZDF can offer.   What the hell is going on with this country? I feel like a tax-sheep getting sheered of just a little extra cash every few months. This is almost as much as my internet connection costs every month, and since I bought a TV the other day and plugged the antenna cable in I can't even find any channels to watch in any case. What a great deal! After I've paid my various tithes to the government for their 'services' (most of which I've never used or even heard of) I'm left with less and less.   Vattenfall are even chasing me for more than 200 euros electricity which is outright impossible - I lived in a 27qm2 box with only 1 lightbulb and my computer. On the documents themselves they say this is the average amount of electricity used for six family-sized households. What the hell is going on with this country?   Related topic: Refusing to pay the German TV license fee