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  1. Hello!    I have a second room in my apartment that has unexpectedly become available as of Monday. It would only be the two of us. The flat itself has a large living room, large kitchen, small bathroom and separate toilet. The available room is furnished with a double bed, closet and drawers. Unfortunately there is no terrace. The flat is on the (german) 3rd floor, no elevator.    The rent is 550€ a month. I live In Au-Haidhausen, close to the Paulaner Biergarten and multiple public transport options.   500€ deposit on the day you move in, and we can discuss the cost of the two remaining weeks of this month. Ideally, I would prefer someone long term, but honestly, just need someone in ASAP!   I am 29, from New Zealand, living in Munich for over 7 years. I work full time shifts between 7am-7pm Monday-Friday. I am studying a BA alongside full time work so prefer a quiet, working professional. I am fairly quiet and keep to myself during the week, but love to socialise on weekends when the uni load isn’t too big.    I don’t mind if your male or female. But please non-smokers only. No pets.    Amy
  2. Hello,   I am a British male age 51. I have just started an new job in Munich and spend a lot of my time travelling; 2 weeks or more a month. As I am away so much my family wants to move back home meaning I will spend much of my free time away with them. However I need a base in Munich preferably in the area around or within easy commute of Hirschgarten, just really need a bed and access to the bathroom and laundry, I doubt you would see much of me. If you have some suitable space I would be very interested. Thanks in advance,   Puiumeu.
  3. My flatmate is moving out at the end of this month and I am trying to find someone to move in from May. It is a great little apartment right in the centre of the city. I will be moving out myself in a few months so anyone who moves in will have the opportunity to upgrade to a bigger room or even to take on the whole apartment themselves. Below is a link to my advert on WG-Gesucht which has all the details.  
  4. Hello Folks,   I'm facing an issue where I rented a room in the city of Nuremberg due to work relocation and I was unfortunate enough to rent from an agency called Wohnkonkurrenz.   To cut long story short, here are the main points on the dispute:   I started my contract with them for the aforementioned room on the 01.12.2017 and for the first month everything went somehow fine. On the night of the 31.12.2017 my partner came to visit me, so I told her that we have a garage downstairs, we parked then the car in one of the spots with " Wohnknkurrenz " signs. Obviously I thought that the fact that I was renting from Whonkonkurrenz allows me to make use of the parking spots marked with Wohnkonkurrenz. I wasn’t instructed otherwise when the agent showed me the apartment first time nor anything similar is written in the contact (so how am I supposed to know?) Anyways, we went away and returned after 20 minutes. My girlfriend went downstairs to take the car out as we were planning to go out for dinner. She came back to me shaking because there was a man that was aggressive to her.  When I went downstairs with her to see what’s happening I found the man parked right behind us in a way blocking us so we cant get out. As I didn't understand why was he shouting I asked him to calm down. My girlfriend translated to me: "he's angry because we parked in his place" First of all, we were not informed that this place was for a specific person and secondly there was a Wohnkonkurrenz sign, so we assumed that is for anyone who rents from wohnkonkurrenz, hence the reason why we parked there. We appologised anyways to the man at the end and wished him a happy new year.   The next day one of the Wohnkonkurrenz agents shows at the property meanwhile I was retrieving the lights from my bicycle in the entrance and tells me to put the bicycle downstairs. I tried to explain to him that last time when I kept my bicycle downstairs in the garage the lamps got stolen and that’s why I’m keeping the bicycle at the entrance, next to my room. To which he responded, “I don’t care” and “ It doesn’t matter”. ( Btw the bicycle was locked in a dead corner next to the elevator where nobody passes by or anything, so it wasn’t disturbing anyone, I told him and he said “but it’s disturbing me”). Anyways as I didn’t want any trouble I started to bring my bicycle downstairs, he then saw the window of my room slightly open and said : “ Please close your window and don’t keep it open, It will cost more to heat up the property if you keep it open” . At this point I was sick and tired of he’s rudeness and impoliteness so I answered him “ sorry but I have to keep it open from time to time in order to ventilate the room and get fresh air in, and the radiator is off whenever the window is open” to which he answered “ it doesn’t matter, close it”.   As the argument started to get heated I left him standing there and went away.   Next morning I receive an email from Wohnkonkurrenz saying that I’m not respecting the house rules and that I have been warned about the window and if I keep it open again I will be charged extra. They claimed that I was aggressive to both the man in the garage ( not true, the man was aggressive to us), as well as to the wohnkonkurrenz agent (also untrue), and because of that they will be pre terminating my contract before the agreed date on the 31.07.2018, but instead with a 3 month notification from now ( so basically on the 31.03.2018).   Now not only I won’t be able to find an alternative in 3 months but I also find the reason for their dismissal or early termination unreasonable and unfair.   I have replied to their email denying their allegation and refusing their “ early termination notification” as it’s contradicting the original contract which terminates on the 31.07.2018.   In the photos I have uploaded you can see their original email (in german) and my reply (in English). p.s. I couldn't upload them here directly because there is a limit with the file size, but instead I have uploaded them to google drive. anyone can view both emails here >   Please if anyone has been in a similar situation please comment what was the action taken and outcome, any advice welcome as well.   I need to know if they have the right to terminate my contract early or not. And what card to play.   I thank you all.   Dorito chipsy