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  1. Hallo everyone,   I need to move out of my apartment at the end of this month and I am looking for a new place to live. Despite my searches and visits I haven't found anything yet and it's getting hard/complicated. I need a long term accommodation as if I don't register (KVR) a large portion of my salary is temporarily taken.   What I need : - a room in a WG (or a flat with several rooms where I could live and form my own WG). - 600 euros warm max - ideally along the U3 line, and less than 45min away from Oberwiesenfeld (my place of work) - best would be in near Bonner platz/Munchner Freiheit/Giselastrasse, I already live in this neighbourhood and really like it, but I don't want to ask/reach for the moon either.   About me : - Camille, 27 from France - Full time graphic designer - Speak fluent French and English, currently learning German - I like to cook, have a drink with friends/flatmates, go for walks, visit museums etc...     If you hear about anything or if you have something available, or a friend of yours does and so on... Please let me know! I know I won't be homeless  as I have some friends who can share a couch or something, but it is making me very sad not to have my own place and having to move out of the apartment I am in.   Thank you for any kind of help, kind regards, Camille