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  1. Hi everyone.   My name is Stephen and I require accommodation in Berlin for 3 months from January   An entire apartment is not needed, but a room with utilities, furniture and internet and shared communal areas.   It should be within commuting distance of the centre.   I am willing to pay between 300-500 Euro depending on what is offered.   I am 34, married and am staying in Berlin to complete a coding course. I don't smoke, and I have a pretty sunny disposition and am very good at keeping things clean.   Thanks for taking the time to read this!
  2. Hi there! I am 25 yo and will be moving to Munich to start a new job on 01.11.2018. Anyone has / knows of a one-bedroom flat/studio or a room in a shared flat available? My budget is around 750EUR.  Quite flexible with location. Thank you in advance!
  3. Guten Tag! I am Saff from Australia. I have just arrived in Munich and I am looking for a room/apartment/house to rent. As per the Aussie reputation in Germany, I am friendly and down to Earth. But unlike most young Australians, I have actually travelled within Australia. So far I have travelled in the outback at least 4 times. My most recent trip took me to the Oodnadatta Track and the Simpson desert. That trip was 20,000km in total with 6,000km dirt/sand.  I also like to spend my spare time hiking, reading non-fiction and volunteering. I am member of the Red Cross within the Youth Advisory Committee. I am working on making the Red Cross more adaptable to tackle emerging global issues such as automation and integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI). I am socially conscious and I actively participate in the community where I live.  I can provide references from my previous landlord and housemates. I am well organised and always do my share of chores around the house. I do not smoke. I will be studying M.Sc. in Politics and Technology at the Technische Universität München (TUM) for 2 years. I am also learning German and aiming to be fluent before the end of my master’s degree. I am willing to rent a 2 Zimmer place for a maximum of 1,200 Euros with my friend from Singapore. Alternatively for 1 zimmer, I would rent for myself for maximum of 640 Euros. Anyway, let me know if you have a place and I would be happy to meet up for a viewing. Personal message me for a contact number. Looking forward to moving in. Thank you.
  4. Searching for a room/apartment

    Hello everyone,    I am from Chicago and will start working at Airbus in 2 weeks. I am looking for a room/small apartment. I would like to live in the Altona area so I have good connections to work and the city.    I will arrive in Hamburg on Oct 7th, and would appreciate any tips or offers! :-)    Max rent - 700 euros Also, I will need the form to register.   Thank you!   
  5. Hello Toytown community,   I am writing here because I am looking for a place (Zimmer-Wohnung or Shared apartment with 1/2 Roomates)  starting from October 2018 for at least a year (and more if possible) in Munich.  Ideally, I would like to be close to a metro station or in the Schwabing / Maxvorstadt because I do work in Leopoldstrasse. I am also considering other offers  though. My budget is 800 / 900 max warmiente.   About me, I come from France and have been in Munich for more than 6 months, working in a design firm. Prior to live in Munich, I used to live in many countries and my fate leaded me here and I do like the city!   I am reliable, respectful, pay on time and do not smoke. Additionally, I have a strong interest in arts, football, sociology and philosophy.   Feel free to contact me if you have any offer please, Best Regards, LG   Thank you        
  6. I am Laura, 25 years old and looking for a new room in Munich city. I've been in the city for almost three years, loving it and I'm in need of a new place to live.I'm finishing my studies at the TU, I'm a civil engineer and I specialized in transportation systems (Go Public Transport!! haha). And I also work as a tour guide for the city so if you need to get to know it better, I'm your person. I'm a clumsy, fun and caring person. I like to talk and enjoy some cooking with my roomates as well as having my own time from time to time. Movies are a big part of my life and I also enjoy just walking around in the city, spending the time in a cafe or a museum. At nights I nejoy both staying at home cuddling with my dog as well as going to the club (Blitz is my fav!) once in a while. As I mentioned, I have a small dog, Lizzie. She is a trained yorkshire with infinite amounts of love to give. I look for a place that respects it but not necessarily that takes care of her. However, if you enjoy dogs and want to play with her and take her out you are always welcome to do so! She is very friendly.In a WG, I look for a chill environment with a good relationship, enought to do stuff together but also to respect each others privacy. I am very diplomatic I like to resolve any possible conflicts by talking. I don't care about the ages or gender of my roomates. Preferebly I look for a room with at least a bed, the rest it can be furnished or unfurnished. And my budget for a room is about 550€/month.   You can check some pics of me on my instagram: now I'm doing an internship abroad so I could only see you and your place via skype (and gladly to do so!). I will be back end of september/beginning of october, depending on the apartment situation. You can contact me via email ( as I check it daily. Very happy to hear about you!  
  7. Hi,   I’m moving to Munich from Canada in September. My work contract is unlimited, it’s very hard to find a place online from here but I need a place in September near or in Bogenhausen.I’m 29 years old, Female, I speak some German, non smoker, and very outgoing. Please pm me.