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  1. Risk Aversion

    Hi Folks,   Had a chat with a customer of mine, he's retiring, closing up his building exteriors business after several decades in operation.  Turns out he offered his employees the chance to buy him out and take the business over, or pay him in instalments.  No takers.  Also happened to a nursery nearby a couple of years back, owner wanted to retire, offered his employees the option of taking it over - again, no takers.  Both businesses are/were profitable with established customer bases, where the owner offered flexible buyout terms.    What's going on here?  I would have jumped at the chance.  You could stay in an established business tha you know well and helped build up, with customers you know and coworkers you trust, but take on a bit more risk, but more income potential too.  Or, you could say screw it, and look for a job somwhere else, and keep being an employee, with all of the pluses and minuses associated with that.   Also browsing the Arbeitsagentur website for job seekers, as I'm looking to hire soon.  What stands out is that every seeker has specified that they are looking for a position without responsibility, not in a leadership position.  Some of these people have bigger qualifications than I do.   I've been here in Germany a good long time now, and I get that the locals are more risk averse and less entrepreneurial than us Canadians.  But that much?  Maybe I'm just seeing this from a new angle now as a prospective employer...   Thoughts?