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  1. legality of online reviews

    hi   does someone know according German , US or in general international law ,  is it legal to write bad review about person or company online? can they sue website owner or the person who wrote ?   for example leaving review on google maps, if is done by fake profile by competitor , the company can sue google? or if company/person will say it is false and legally start investigation about IP adress and the person who wrote it?     any ideas ?
  2. To any mac aficionados here on TT ...   I am seriously considering a new purchase of the most recently available Apple macbook pro 16" laptop. I travel a lot, all my work is online and includes quite a bit of graphics and audio work as well the mundane office work too - I have had a very old mac which is literally dying and use various non apple software like MS office, audacity and a few others that I hear are not as compatible with the latest MacOS but I am guessing I can work that bit out.   Mostly curious if anyone here has bought one as yet and how you think about it after using it for a bit? Anyone get one for Christmas