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  1. Diet Culture Rant

    With the first of the year and new year's resolutions about and since I currently reside in the US, how do you all perceive the diet culture in Germany?  I recall that there were lots of diet food/supplement commercials on in the past, but what is everyone's experience with friends, family and coworkers?   I find it almost annoying how everyone in my office is suddenly keto and/or sugar free. Yes, I've cleaned up my diet after the holidays, but only to what it was before December. Meaning I limit my junk food intake but still allow myself an occasional treat. Admittedly, I have my problems with female friends anyway (not sure why) but when all they talk about what they can and cannot eat I completely zone out and want to run away... at my last job I had a girl I shared the office with and she would talk, but ONLY about eating and what and how much she has or has not yet eaten that day... FFS, get a life people, none of us are making it out of here alive...